5 Common Mistakes Swim Spa Owners Make

Owning a swim spa is a rewarding investment that brings many health and wellness benefits. Unfortunately, there are some very common mistakes that swim spa owners make that can make their maintenance more difficult and shorten the lifespan of the unit. Below, we will review the top 5 mistakes that swim spa owners make so that you can avoid these and have a better swim spa experience.

#1 – Using Household Cleaners?

† and its water healthy. Household cleaners can contain chemicals which may cause a reaction which can seriously damage the acrylic lining and other components in your swim spa. When you always use cleaners that are designed for a swim spa, you can rest assured that they are formulated correctly and are safe for your unit.

#2 – Not Keeping Covered

Another common mistake swim spa owners make, especially if they have their unit under a tent or gazebo, is leaving the swim spa uncovered. This not only exposes the swim spa to the elements but also makes it easy for dirt and debris to get into the water. When dirt settles on the swim spa’s floor, it can then find its way into the filter and pumps, eventually causing mechanical issues. Keeping your swim spa covered when not in use will keep the water hygienic and crystal clear.

#3 – Not Showering

By not showering before you or your guests use your swim spa, your filter can easily become clogged and you can find yourself facing different types of water issues. Body oils in addition to products such as hairspray, sunscreen, makeup, and deodorant will get into the water and eventually leave a gunky mess. By just taking a quick rinse before entering your swim spa, you can avoid foaming, milky or cloudy water issues, as well as filter problems.

#4 – Not Using a Swim Cap

Especially for swim spa users that have long hair, using a swim cap can go a long way in helping to preserve the filter and pump of your unit. When you do not wear a swimming cap, hair can build up in the swim spa’s drain and eventually clog the filter and cause other components strain, requiring them to be replaced sooner. Although many people would rather not use a swim cap or ask their guests to if they are having a gathering, by using one when you are in the swim spa alone on a daily basis will go a long way in increasing the lifespan of your unit.

#5 – Not Monitoring the Water

Another top mistake is when swim spa owners fail to monitor the water temperature or chemical balance. When the water in a swim spa gets too cold, it can risk freezing if the temperature takes a sudden plunge. Alternatively, when water is too hot it can encourage bacteria growth and give off an unpleasant odour. In addition, it is important to test the pH levels. pH levels that are too high will decrease the effectiveness of your sanitizer and can result in algae growth. pH levels which are too low can eventually corrode the filter, pump, and pipe. Now that you are aware of what the most common swim spa owner mistakes are and what to avoid, learn more about the multiple features and benefits that owning a swim spa has to offer. To get started, download the swim spa buyer’s guide, or visit us at our London swim spa store.
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