Are Hot Tubs a Good Investment?

When they first think of a hot tub many people imagine self-indulgent soaks, fun-filled social gatherings with friends and family, a place to unwind after a busy working week or a nice, relaxing daily dip. However, for those considering the purchase of a hot tub, secondary thoughts may turn to cost, upkeep, and value for money. Some may wonder, “Are hot tubs a good investment?” To answer this question we’ve put together the following article to explore the benefits of owning a hot tub.

Quality Of Life

Too often we work hard at a 9 to 5 job, raise a family, maintain and upkeep a home and juggle the many social and family obligations. But how often do we truly make time for ourselves to relax and indulge? We might look forward to the occasional spa day gifted to us as a Christmas or birthday treat or the annual summer vacation, but by the time you’ve planned, prepared, packed, and paid, it may seem more hassle than it’s worth. For life’s attainable pleasures, investing in a hot tub can be a great and affordable way to invite relaxation and indulgence into your everyday life. A hot tub can improve the quality of life for you, your friends and your family. What’s more, you don’t need to venture any further than your own home or backyard to increase your sense of health and well-being. Owning a hot tub is a great way to bring people together, to spend some romantic time with a loved one or have some “me” time – and who doesn’t deserve that?

Property Value

If you’re planning to sell your house you obviously want to get the highest price possible. Can a hot tub help increase your property value? Real estate agents seem divided on this question as it can depend on many different factors. If your neighbourhood is filled with houses that all have a hot tub, your house may appear less desirable to the potential buyer. On the other hand, if no one else in your community has a hot tub, having one may make your home stand out from the rest. A properly installed and landscaped hot tub can lend a touch of elegance to your property that will make a potential buyer take notice. That said, a hot tub installed as an afterthought without enough effort put into appearance and aesthetics can actually bring down the selling price of your property. Like all other elements of your property, proper staging and tasteful design can make the difference between price appreciation or depreciation.

Rental Value

Since short term rentals have become much more popular over the last decade or so, a luxury item such as a hot tub can make a rental unit much more desirable. For those looking for a unique place to stay on their holidays, a hot tub can act as a tipping point when it’s time for them to make a decision. It seems in this day and age that part of the appeal of a holiday is showing other people the levels of luxury and extravagance we’re experiencing. To make your rental unit more appealing to this crowd, consider the investment value of a hot tub.

Quality Of Product

As with most consumer items, you’ll typically get what you pay for. Sure, you can get a super cheap hot tub off the internet, but you’ll probably receive a poor quality hot tub that won’t last more than a few seasons. What more could you expect? On the other hand, by investing in a brand name manufacturer known for its quality, you’ll likely find that you spend less money on maintenance and operational costs while possessing something that will last for decades. If you’re looking for a good investment, it pays to invest in quality.

To learn more about why hot tubs are a fantastic investment, download a hot tub buyer’s guide below, or visit us at our London hot tub store.

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