Are Hot Tubs Good for Anxiety?

Life is complicated enough as it is. Then throw in a global pandemic, toilet paper shortages, and political uncertainty and it’s no wonder that we’re all probably feeling a little more anxious these days. And while drug manufacturers and alcohol producers may purport to have the antidote to our woes, most of us understand that these aren’t the most healthy ways to cope with our modern day problems. For this reason, many have turned to more natural ways to alleviate stress and anxiety. One of these natural methods is spending time in a hot tub. Are hot tubs good for anxiety? If you’re hoping to soak away your worries in a soothing warm hot tub, this article is for you.

Anxiety Defined

Anxiety is what our bodies do to cope with stress. And while stress is a necessary part of our lives and something that everyone will experience, too much stress can lead to overwhelming feelings of unease, fear, and unnecessary worry. Left unchecked these anxious feelings can become debilitating and stop us from leading a normal, healthy life. Panic attacks, mental disorders, and unwarranted phobias can, in turn, cause physical problems which can range from skin conditions or heart palpitations to deadly diseases. Preventing anxiety from becoming an overpowering force in our lives is something we all need to be mindful of.

Are Hot Tubs Good For Anxiety?

There’s no doubt that spending time in a hot tub is a great way to relax, relieve tension, and provide a method for leaving our worries behind. And while soaking in a hot tub may not provide a panacea for every problem we’re experiencing, it can definitely contribute to the temporary relief of symptoms created by too much stress. And this can all take place without the need to rely on drugs, alcohol or other potentially harmful treatments.

Physiological Effects Of Hot Tub Soaking

The physiological effects of spending time in a hot tub can have an incredible impact on the mental wellbeing. Soaking in the warm water causes the body temperature to rise which will start the heart beating faster. The blood vessels will dilate, the blood will flow more easily and blood pressure will decrease. Water also has buoyant properties which can reduce the weight felt by the body leading to decreased pressure on joints and bones. The massaging effects of the water jets can relieve muscle tension, improve circulation and allow us to temporarily forget the sources of our anxiety. Spending time in a hot tub can also help with our sleeping patterns which may be disrupted due to the effects of stress and anxiety. Soaking in the hot tub about an hour before bedtime has been found to relax the body which can cause one to fall asleep faster and experience a longer and more uninterrupted rest.

Socialization and Individual Reflection

A hot tub can act as a venue for both socialization and individual reflection. And while these two scenarios appear to polar opposites, they can both lead to a more relaxed and anxiety-free lifestyle. Hot tubs are great for bringing people together, nurturing relationships, and developing stronger social bonds. Strong friendships and family ties can play an important role in stress management. Similarly, individual reflection and alone time can also be very helpful in decreasing anxiety levels. Hot tubs are a great place to practice meditation, prepare oneself for the coming day or to reflect on the day that has gone past. Spending some solitary time in a warm comfortable environment can be a great way to alleviate the pressures caused by stress and anxiety.

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