Are Swim Spas Reliable?

How reliable are swim spas? Can they really deliver on everything they promise? The simple answer is, yes! Hydropool swim spas are extremely reliable because they are high-quality and long-lasting. As long as they are taken care of the way they need to, these swim spas can last up to twenty years. Below, we’ll be providing you with what you need to know about the reliability of a Hydropool swim spa and how you can help it last longer.

The Reliability of a Hydropool Swim Spa

Swim spas combine all of the benefits that hot tubs, pools, and gyms offer and do so from the comfort of one compact space. With the versatility of spas on the market, there is a perfect option for any home, space and budget. Whether you’re looking at a spa that’s 10 or 19 feet long, Hydropool swim spas are made of acrylic material, which is also the most durable and longest-lasting material. So regardless of where you live, whether it’s in a warm or cold climate, the way these swim spas are constructed makes them easy to depend on for the long run. Along with their incredible structure and design, Hydropool spas are also industry-leading and Canadian-made, which means they follow much stricter guidelines. On top of this, they’re also made durable enough for Canadian winters. By choosing a Canadian manufacturer, you know that they will be able to last through lots of snowfall and below zero temperatures. Hydropool hot tubs and spas are also constructed with multiple layers of insulation that provide additional protection to every running part. This factor ensures that the swim spas will be reliable for years to come. However, in order for you to feel more confident in the longevity of your swim spa, Hydropool also offers a 10/5/5 warranty. It covers ten years of structure, five years of shell and five years of components so that you can feel at ease with your warranty. To learn more about all of the specifics covered with this warranty, you can reach out to a Hydropool hot tub store near you, and our sales staff will be able to answer any other questions you may have. Now, with all this said, what are some of the best practices to ensure your swim spa lasts?

Caring for Your Swim Spa

Maintaining a healthy pH reading of between 7.2 and 7.8 is the first thing you can do to ensure your swim spa lasts. When checking in on water levels and cleaning your spa’s water, you can also clean all running parts that might not always get the love they deserve. By cleaning your pump, jets, filtration system, etc., you can ensure they function the way they should for many years to come. Generally speaking, if many people are in and out of your swim spa, then you should be changing your water approximately every three to four months. To keep every part of your swim spa in optimal working condition, one very important step is remembering to put your cover on. This is crucial to the state of the water and ensuring any outside influences do not damage parts of your spa. There are endless benefits to owning a Hydropool swim spa, and being able to depend on it to last for years without any issues is one of them. They also effectively work to ease muscle aches and pains and are commonly used to help with injury recovery. Additional benefits include improved blood flow and digestion, and they even help you get a better night’s sleep. Due to their versatility, swim spas are also reliable workout spaces. Instead of squeezing in a visit to the gym, a swim spa is readily accessible to use from the comfort of your own home. As you can see, Hydropool swim spas are reliable in every sense of the word. From the way they are designed and constructed to how well they function for the long haul, you’re guaranteed to benefit continuously when you own one for yourself. To learn more about finding your ideal swim spa, download our free buyer’s guide.
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