Can a Swim Spa Be Used as a Hot Tub?

Often, it can be hard to decide between buying a swimming pool or hot tub. With smaller backyards and the cost of inground pools, not too many people are able to invest in both. Thankfully, there is a spa that offers the best features of both a traditional pool and a hot tub. These spas are compact and built to accommodate exercising and swim workouts and have been quickly gaining popularity in recent years. As swim spas do look similar to hot tubs, we often get asked if a swim spa can be used as a hot tub as well. The great news is that with most units, it can.

To find out more about swim spas and how they are used, keep reading below.

How Long Have Swim Spas Been Around?

Although they have been gaining in popularity in recent years, swim spas have been around since the 1980s. As more people are looking for a simple, convenient way to swim and stray in shape, along with many backyards shrinking in size, swim spas are being selected for their versatility and number of features.

How Does a Swim Spa Work?

Probably the best description of a swim spa is that it looks like a hot tub but with extra space for swimming. Swim spas are different from a hot tub in that they generate a powerful current, which can keep swimmers in place so that they do not have to constantly turn around and do laps. Propelled by jet propulsion, the current is adjustable and can accommodate the most challenging workouts.

What are Split Design Swim Spas?

Most medium to large swim spas made today are split design units. This means that the swim spa is divided into two sections, with the bigger space as the swim and exercise area and the smaller space featuring spa seats and water jets just like a hot tub. The majority of split design swim spas also feature dual temperature control, meaning that someone can be swimming in cool water while someone else is enjoying a warm therapeutic massage in the spa section.

A split design swim spa is the perfect choice for those that want it all – a swimming spot, a workout space, and a hot tub.

Work Out in a Swim Spa

There are plenty of other ways to exercise in a swim spa other than swimming. In fact, swim spas are essentially aquatic workout centres that can tone your entire body. Some larger swim spa models even feature specialized exercise equipment and handles that can be used for running and rowing. Some common exercises that people use their swim spas for are:

  • Water aerobics
  • Water Yoga
  • Water Walking
  • Low Impact Stretching
  • Sports Injury Recovery
  • Resistance Training
  • Swimming

What to Buy?

If you still struggling with your decision whether to buy a swim spa, hot tub or swimming pool, you will have to think which will benefit your lifestyle the most. If you enjoy working out, want something that can accommodate multiple users and a way to enjoy the benefits that a hot tub provides, a swim spa is often the best choice.

To learn more about swim spas and see if they are right for you, download a free swim spa buyer’s guide below, or visit us at our swim spa store.

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