Can an Indoor Hot Tub be Used Outside?

If you’re thinking about adding a hot tub to your property, you’ll first want to ask yourself if you’d rather install it indoors or outdoors. Each has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. The right style of hot tub for you will depend on several different personal considerations. One question that sometimes comes up is, “Can an indoor hot tub be used outside?” Many people are surprised that there are, indeed, certain models of hot tubs that can be installed either outdoors or indoors. That said, not every type of hot tub is built for this type of adaptability, so whether you’re choosing an inside or outside location, you should be sure your chosen model is appropriate for the situation. To give you an idea of the pros and cons of choosing either an outdoor or indoor hot tub, we’ve compiled this list of comparisons.

Outdoor Hot Tub Pros

The Great Outdoors

There’s nothing like staring at the stars while soaking in a hot tub. Some people swear that the best time to use their hot tub is when it’s raining or snowing. An outdoor hot tub can provide you with a panorama that just isn’t available to those who are stuck indoors. Breathe in the fresh air of the great outdoors!

Ease of Installation

You don’t really need anything special for the installation of an outdoor hot tub other than a patch of level ground. You won’t have to worry about getting a hot tub the size of a car in through your backdoor or making special arrangements to deal with humidity, moisture and chemical odours as you would with an indoor installation. For ease of installation the outdoor hot tub wins, hands down.

Outdoor Hot Tub Cons

Water Chemistry

The water chemistry of an outdoor hot tub will be much more variable than the indoor variety. This is due to exposure to the air and all that it carries – such as dust, dirt, leaves, insects and more. Outdoor hot tubs typically experience more water evaporation than indoor installations. All these factors will alter the water chemistry and require more maintenance to keep it properly balanced.

External Factors for Non-Use

Sometimes outdoor hot tubs aren’t as appealing to use. If you feel your privacy is being invaded by nosy neighbours or passersby, you may feel uncomfortable in your own backyard. Other things such as lightning or major storms are much more dangerous and will definitely keep you out of the hot tub.

Indoor Hot Tub Pros

Agreeable Surroundings

With an indoor hot tub, regardless of the weather or the neighbours, you’ll always have an agreeable and consistent environment for your soaks. You won’t have to contend with cold weather or be denied your soaking time because of lightning storms. Your hot tub will be available whenever you want it.

Indoor Hot Tub Cons

Ease of Installation

Installing an indoor hot tub can be a tricky job. Not only do you need to get it into the house, you’ll need to properly prepare the room for a moist, humid environment. This will require a drainage system, proper sealing of the drywall, an adequate ventilation system and an easily accessible water source. To say that installing an indoor hot tub is easy would be underestimating the process.

Effects on The House

If an indoor hot tub isn’t installed properly, it can have devastating effects on the house. This can range from the merely annoying, such as the smell of chlorine, to the downright destructive, such as the growth of black mould or the disintegration of the housing framework. Careless installation of an indoor hot tub can cause a homeowner a lot of major problems.

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