Can Hot Tub Jets Hurt You?

In your search for a hot tub, a common theme you have probably come across is how powerful the jets can be. So powerful, you may even be worried about the jets harming you. Can hot tub jets hurt you? It is unlikely you can become hurt by a hot tub jet, but they can feel uncomfortable. This is not what you are supposed to experience while enjoying a hot tub massage. Hot tubs are meant to feel completely relaxing.

This is why it is always best to choose a hot tub that provides you with customizable jets. This makes it easy to change the water pressure applied or select a different massage option to target your preferred body area. Strong and powerful does not necessarily mean better, especially when it comes to hot tub jets. Some other factors you should be considering include the following:

Hydrotherapy Benefits

When people think about how a hot tub can benefit their body, injury treatment and sore muscles come to mind. What is often not considered is how it can benefit your mental health. A soak can help release tension built up in your body while melting away both stress and anxiety.

This includes your quality of sleep and ailments like insomnia. Enjoying a soak about an hour before bed can help your body naturally relax, helping you fall asleep fast. As you exit your hot tub, your body temperature will begin to decrease. This is a signal to your brain it is time for sleep.

Placement of Jets

Jet location will have a lot to do with the quality of the massage on your sore muscles. You may notice quality hot tubs have jets strategically positioned to deliver custom massages based on the seat. Problem areas like tense shoulders, sore back, stiff neck, or tired feet can benefit, but only if the jets are properly placed.

Number of Jets

The second sort of sales pitch you may find yourself hearing is the best hot tubs are the ones with the greatest number of jets. This can appear appealing at first, but it is really the variety of jets that are going to make a difference. It would also not be uncommon to have a cheap hot tub with a large number of jets but poor water pressure.

Testing Hot Tub Jets

Before you decide on what will be your new hot tub, consider asking your hot tub dealer about a wet test. This will allow you to test out the hot tub to really understand how it feels. As you test out the hot tub, try every seat and massage program. When you have found a hot tub you just love, get excited over the many benefits you will surely enjoy over the years.

You are now aware that hot tub jets will not hurt you, so continue learning more by downloading the hot tub buyer’s guide below, or visit us at our hot tub store. It will provide you with more information on hydrotherapy and hot tubs.

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