Can Hot Tubs Be Used Cold?

If you have been struggling with an unusually hot summer, a soak in the hot tub may seem very unappealing. Even though you may find hot water relaxing, the summer heat can have you thinking about cold drinks and refreshing swims. It may have even crossed your mind, ‘Can hot tubs be used cold?’ Guess what, they can!

All it takes is for you to adjust the temperature on the digital display of your hot tub. When the temperature is cool, go on and jump in as you enjoy the pleasure of an invigorating cool massage. Continue reading to learn more about how you can enjoy your ‘cool’ tub.

Hot Tub Cover

Your hot tub cover is specifically created to contain and re-use heat. If you want your hot tub water to remain cool, simply lift the cover of the hot tub slightly when not in use. When you prevent your hot tub cover from sealing over your tub, you allow the heat to escape.

You may be thinking about leaving the cover off completely, but you will find this is not a good idea either since debris, dirt, and other foreign objects can find their way into your hot tub. It is best to simply prop open a corner to allow the heat to escape.

Quick Cool Down

If you can hardly wait for your hot tub water to cool down, consider turning on the jets. This will help circulate the water and push the heat out. If you want it done even quicker, consider throwing in a few bags of ice.


There is no doubt, entertaining your friends and family in the summer is simply the best. Whether it is BBQ’s, bonfires, or lawn games, everyone finds themselves enjoying the great outdoors. Many consider this to be their favorite season and want to spend every minute outside in the sun. So, if you have a hot tub you can use, why not enjoy all those precious moments of summer in a cool tub!

Keep your cool tub cool by regularly cleaning the filters as they circulate the water. Be sure to continue with your chemical schedule as usual, unless you are having more visitors over and the water needs a more frequent clean. Lastly, cool tub bathers will find that by lowering their water temperature they may actually be saving money on their energy bill!

You now know how you can utilize your hot tub in hot weather, continue to learn more about the health and wellness benefits of your hot tub by downloading the hot tub buyer’s guide below, or visit us at our hot tub store.

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