Can I Turn Off My Hot Tub When Not In Use?

Although you very likely love your hot tub dearly, you’ll probably want to leave it behind to get away and take a vacation at some point. This may pose a dilemma for some hot tub owners. What are you supposed to do with the hot tub while you’re away? Are you able to leave it running? Can you turn it off? Do you need to drain it completely? Although it will take some work and preparation, the answer to these questions is that it is possible to leave your hot tub running for a length of time without suffering any long term consequences. And under the proper conditions you’ll be able to turn it off for short periods of time as well. This article will go over the various scenarios of when you’re able to turn off your hot tub when it’s not in use or whether you should keep it running.


The type of weather your hot tub will experience while you’re away will play a role in whether or not you can turn it off. If the weather is guaranteed to be warm, you won’t have to worry as much about turning it off. However, if there’s a possibility of temperatures dropping to near freezing levels, you won’t want to risk frozen pipes and motor damage.

Warm Weather

If the weather will remain warm, you won’t have to worry about frozen pipes, but you’ll want to ensure you don’t come back to a tub full of algae. To prevent this, go through your typical sanitizer routine and let the tub run for about a half hour before shutting it down.

Cold Weather

If there’s any possibility of freezing, ensure your water level is optimized and the water properly heated as if you were planning on using it. Once the temperature reaches the appropriate level, you can turn the thermostat down by about 10 degrees. This will ensure you aren’t overpaying for energy you aren’t actually using while keeping the water at a temperature that will resist freezing. However, you’ll have to keep your pump and heater running while you’re away.

Chemical Balance

You’ll also want to make sure your water is chemically balanced before you leave so you don’t come back to find all your levels completely out of whack. This could require the addition of excessive amounts of chemicals to get everything rebalanced. Test and balance your water for total alkalinity, pH and hardness and adjust accordingly before you leave. This will save you time and money once you return.


Making sure your hot tub is covered properly will not only stop heat from escaping if cold weather is a concern, it’ll also ensure there are no accidents with children or animals falling in or strangers using your hot tub while you’re away. An accident would not only be tragic, it could also hold you liable for that tragedy. A floating thermal blanket is the best method of retaining water heat. It will also prolong the life of the hot tub cover. Combine it with a sturdy, locking hot tub cover that will do double duty by keeping in the heat while keeping out intruders.

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