Can I Use My Hot Tub Every Day?

If you are about to become a first-time hot tub owner, it is likely that you have asked yourself “Can I use my hot tub every day?” The good news is that yes, you absolutely can. In fact, there are actually a number of reasons why you should use your hot tub every day. Keep reading below to learn about some of the top wellness benefits that you can take advantage of by using your hot tub daily.

Benefit #1: Less Stress

Between family commitments, careers and the overall hectic routines of everyday modern life, many of us are almost always stressed out. The daily grind of keeping up with work deadlines, staying on top of your children’s activity schedules, being stuck in traffic, preparing healthy meals and trying to maintain a clean house can be exhausting.

If you own a hot tub, you can take a quick, much needed 15-20-minute escape to recharge. Soaking daily can lead to a better emotional and psychological state. Using your hot tub first thing in the morning helps you calmly focus on your day ahead and taking an evening soak will help soothe the daily stressors of life away.

It is the wonderful combination of water buoyancy, massage jets and warm water temperature which relieve muscle tension, encourage relaxation and greatly reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Benefit #2: Better Range of Motion

As we age, we begin to lose our range of motion. While some individuals are lucky to only experience this gradually or much later in life, many of us are faced with a reduced range of motion, whether it be a result of sports injuries, medical conditions, arthritis or even genetics.

By using your hot tub every day, you can benefit from the warm water of your hot tub creating what is called hydrostatic pressure which reduces joint inflammation and aids mobility.

For those that suffer from arthritis or joint stiffness, the buoyancy of the water is the perfect place to take advantage of your relaxed state and perform gentle flexibility exercises to become more pliable.

Benefit #3: Better Sleep Quality

Another issue that many adults struggle with today is insomnia or other sleep disorders. Constantly not getting enough sleep comes with a long list of nasty side effects, including high levels of stress and anxiety, depression, lost productivity and frustration.

Using your hot tub each day can significantly improve your sleep quality. Sitting in the warm water boosts the circulation in your body which in turn helps reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Also, improved circulation helps slow down your heart rate which prepares your body to go to sleep. While you are in the hot tub, your body temperature increases and as it slowly drops after you exit, your brain recognizes this as a sign that it is time to fall asleep.

Benefit #4: Soothe Muscles

Whether you have a sore back from shoveling snow or a stiff neck from staring at a computer all day, soaking daily in your hot tub will provide much-needed relief.

Hydrotherapy massage programs can target sore muscle groups to eliminate stiffness, kinks, and knots. With a quality hot tub like Hydropool, you have the ability to customize your massage programs, so that you can be sure you are getting treated for the specific areas on your body that need it the most.

Now that you know why it is so beneficial to soak in your hot tub every day, download a hot tub buyer’s guide below to find out more about their features and benefits, or visit us at our hot tub store.

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