Can Swim Spas Be Put in Ground?

A common question for potential swim spa buyers is, “Can I put my swim spa in the ground?” The short answer is that yes, swim spas most certainly can be installed in ground. Many people actually decide to go with an in-ground installation because they provide a beautifully landscaped finished look that surrounds their swim spa. The seamless look of an in ground installation is preferred by many as it looks similar to the traditional backyard swimming pool set-up.

It is true, in-ground swim spas involve more work at the beginning, installation wise, but they can be completed fairly quickly. This may make some people nervous about the entire process, but an in ground installation does not take nearly as long as a custom built swimming pool does. In the following article, we talk about each step of the in ground swim spa installation process so that you know exactly what to expect.

Location Preparation

The first step is to choose the location where your swim spa will be installed. The area needs to be cleared and debris removed. When the excavation area is marked the pit will be dug up. Concrete is then laid to help reinforce the structure and cement block walls are built up to ground level to create a sturdy surrounding.

Swim Spa Installation

When your swim spa is delivered, it will need to be lifted by a crane. This way it can go over any barriers, like your house or a gate, and be placed into the pit. This can require 4 to 5 workers to make sure it is a smooth and controlled process.

When the crane operator and workers have gently guided the swim spa into place, there will be another check to make sure that it is properly level and correctly secured.


The next step is to install the joists for the decking. They are put into place and then boards are laid to create a surrounding area for the swim spa. A swim spa cover set on a roller track is not required but is a popular option so it can be quickly pulled on and off the swim spa. For a seamless look, owners can also create a decking that is fitted to the top of the swim spa cover for a sleek, polished look.

Usually the final step after the decking has been laid around the swim spa is to stain it to the colour of your choice. Often people will purchase unfinished patio chairs or loungers and use the same colour stain on these so that everything matches.

Last Steps

When your swim spa is completely installed, it will need to be filled with water so you and your family can test it! Make sure you are aware of all the essential components and what needs to be done in order to properly operate the equipment. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to your dealer.

Now that you know that swim spas can be installed in ground, learn more about different swim spa benefits by downloading a buyer’s guide below, or by visiting us at our swim spa store.

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