Can You Really Swim in A Swim Spa?

When people hear the term swim spa, they might end up focusing mainly on the “spa.” A swim spa definitely provides a great place to relax in a hot tub like setting, but it also provides a strong current against which you can swim. A swim spa allows you to experience the best parts of both a swimming pool and a hot tub all in one place. So, when we’re asked, “Can you really swim in a swim spa?” we answer in the affirmative, but we also make sure to explain that there are many other benefits available to its users as well. In this article we’ll go over the many different ways in which a swim spa can benefit you.

A Swimming Workout

If you’re looking for a swimming workout on your own property, but not able to install a full-sized swimming pool, your workout dreams aren’t necessarily quashed. A swim spa will allow you to practice your stroke without all the space, water and energy required by a regular swimming pool. That said, most backyard or indoor pools aren’t large enough to really get in a decent number of strokes before you’re required to turnaround anyway. Unless you have the space and money for an Olympic sized pool, a swim spa can’t be beat for a continuous swimming workout.

Hot Tub Relaxation

Whether swimming is your primary workout or if you also like to lift weights, go jogging or participate in other sports, your swim spa will provide a great place to relax and recover. Spending time in a hot tub doesn’t only soothe sore muscles and other body parts, it can also help increase your circulation, lower your blood pressure and relieve stress. You’ll also benefit from a sounder sleep, joint pressure relief and skin ailment alleviation.

Underwater Jogging

A swim spa doesn’t limit your exercise routine to swimming alone. There are many other exercises that can be effectively performed that utilize the swim spa’s water and current to create resistance. Jogging against the current in the swim spa is a great way to perform the exercise without causing undue stress and impact on your bones and joints. You might also want to consider an aquatic treadmill. These motorized units can be dropped into the tank to give you a running or walking workout with greater resistance and reduced impact.

Other Exercises

A swim spa is also a great place to work on your abs and other hard to isolate muscles since the current provides extra resistance that you wouldn’t encounter on land. Drills such as crunches or deep lunges take on a whole new dimension when done underwater. Add the force of the current and you have a virtual multifunctional exercise machine at your disposal. Some people also like to incorporate kickboards, medicine balls and other equipment to help increase the range of exercises possible.


Part of the reason it’s so hard to maintain a regular swimming routine is that you have to leave the house to do it. With your own swim spa, you won’t even have to leave your property. And because of the compact size of most swim spas you won’t need a whole lot of space for installation. Rather than going for a full-sized backyard pool and matching hot tub, you can reap the benefits of both with a much smaller space and price tag. If you’re looking for something effective but convenient, a swim spa is an easy decision.

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