Can You Use a Hot Tub in the Rain?

Hot tubs are great to use all year round. This even includes the winter. You won’t find the owner of a full-sized pool bragging about swimming in subzero weather. In fact, many hot tub owners use their hot tubs more during the colder months than they do in the summer. Is there any weather where you can’t use your hot tub? You should definitely not be in your hot tub during a lightning storm. What about rain? Can you use a hot tub in the rain? As long as there’s no chance of lightning there isn’t any reason why you can’t use your hot tub in the rain. Some people actually find hot tubbing in the rain quite refreshing. That said, exposing your hot tub to copious quantities of rainwater can lead to changes in your water chemistry. To learn more about rainy weather and hot tub use, check out this post.

How Does Rain Affect Hot Tub Water Chemistry?

If you forget to replace your hot tub cover or you’re using your hot tub during a heavy rainstorm, there’s a possibility that the rainwater will start to affect the hot tub water chemistry. And while this isn’t the end of the world, it can lead to more water testing and the use of extra chemicals. Because the ideal pH level of hot tub water is slightly basic (between 7.4 and 7.6 on the pH scale) and rainwater is acidic (generally between 5.0 and 5.5) significant quantities of rain will reduce the pH level of the hot tub water. The added rainwater can also cause the chemicals in the hot tub water to become diluted. This could mean your sanitizer becomes less effective or that you’ll need to add other chemicals to keep the water chemistry balanced. You don’t have to worry that some rainwater will ruin your hot tub or make it unsafe to use, it’s more just an inconvenience that might require you to test the water more often and possibly add more chemicals.

Reducing the Effects of Rain on Water Chemistry

To preserve the balance of your water chemistry and reduce the number of chemicals you need to add, you should always cover your hot tub when it isn’t being used. Allowing it to sit open invites airborne contaminants such as dust, pollen, and insects or, in this case, acidic rainwater, to mess with the water chemistry balance. Failing to replace the cover also allows water to evaporate and heat to escape. Of course, you can’t keep the cover on the hot tub while you’re using it. If it happens to be raining, you can just deal with any changes in water chemistry – they won’t be too drastic. Or you can set up some sort of shelter, like a large umbrella to keep the rain out. A large, portable umbrella could also be used in hot weather to prevent the sun from beating down on your head.

Other Tips for Using Your Hot Tub in The Rain

Since most of your body is submerged, sitting in the hot tub while it’s raining is often an enjoyable experience. You can wear a hat if you find the raindrops annoying. But usually, the most bothersome part of using a hot tub when it’s raining is getting in and out. Walking in a cold drizzle wearing nothing but your bathing suit can be a form of torture. For this reason, you might want to consider a dedicated hot tub bathrobe to get you from the house to the hot tub and back. Some sturdy footwear can also reduce the chances of slipping and falling during your journey. Now that you’ve learned about using a hot tub in the rain, download a free buyer’s guide below to receive more information, or visit us at our hot tub store.
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