Can You Use a Swim Spa in the Winter?

When you live in a northern climate, a full sized outdoor swimming pool might seem like a waste of time and money. When at least half of your year experiences freezing weather, peering out at a swimming pool in your backyard might just drive you a little crazy. But is there an outdoor swimming option for those who have to deal with harsh winters? What about a swim spa? Can you use a swim spa in the winter? The fact is that swim spas are small enough that it’s possible to keep the water temperature at levels high enough to prevent it from freezing even in the coldest weather. For those who want to keep swimming all year round, a swim spa may be the perfect option. For some tips on how to winterize your swim spa, we provide this article.

A Versatile Option For Swimming Enthusiasts

Swims spas are the most versatile option available for those who love to swim. If you don’t have much room, a swim spa can fit in spaces that are too small for a full sized swimming pool or a lap pool. If you love outdoor swimming, but regularly experience cold winters, a swim spa allows you to keep the water temperature high enough to run it throughout the year. Don’t let outside influences prevent you from having access to your own swimming space – look into a swim spa!

The Ultimate Winter Accessory

Once you’re in the market for a swim spa you’ll probably notice the amount of accessories you can acquire to trick out your new purchase. From functional options such as mini staircases and foot baths to exercise add ons like rowing kits or boogie board tethers to purely aesthetic accessories such as lighting and stereo systems, swim spas boast a plethora of additions to enhance your experience. But if you’re planning on using your swim spa in the winter, the absolute, most necessary accessory is the insulated swim spa cover. Preventing the water from freezing is essential. Allowing the water to freeze or even accumulate too many ice crystals can lead to permanent damage of your plumbing system. By replacing the cover whenever the swim spa isn’t being used you’ll retain water heat and prevent it from icing over. The cover will also reduce evaporation (an even bigger problem during colder weather) and prevent airborne detritus from tainting the water. Both these things can mess with your water chemistry and lead you to spending too much time and using too many chemicals to get it back into balance. And finally, a swim spa cover acts as a security device to keep children, animals and unwanted guests out of your swim spa.

Deciding On A Swim Spa Cover

There are two main types of swim spa cover that are generally available: roll top and solid. Roll top covers are made out of a material that is flexible enough to be rolled up using a rotisserie like handle. This makes removing and replacing the cover easy enough for a single person. But it might not provide the best seal and insulation in extremely cold weather.

Solid swim spa covers are generally made of thick pieces of foam. This makes them ideal for keeping in heat during the colder months. But they are somewhat more difficult to remove and replace compared with roll top covers. Automatic cover lifters make this a much easier, single person operation.

Heat and Massage

It seems to be a little known fact that a swim spa can double as a hot tub – perfect for a relaxing soak on cold winter’s day. Some swim spas come with a separate tank that provides a dedicated hot tub space which allows someone to swim while others soak. But many of the swim spas that don’t have a dedicated hot tub area have a seating area at one end of the tank. Simply increase the water temperature and you have access to a hot tub-like setting.

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