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Hydropool is a leading North American spa manufacturer, and when you support this Canadian company, you are also supporting sustainability and products that last. With their advanced technology and unique features, products from this line are like no other. But what are some of the benefits of choosing Canadian-made? Below, we’ll provide you with what you need to know.

Top-Rated Manufacturers

When searching for Canadian manufacturers, Hydropool’s various spa options at various price points and sizes make it easy to find one that you will love. With over 250 Hydropool hot tub dealer locations, it’s easy to support this Candian company as it is easily accessible regardless of where you live. And when you invest in a Hydropool hot tub or spa, you are guaranteed to receive quality products that will last for years to come. But what are the main benefits you will get when choosing Hydropool? Here’s what you should know.

Hydropool Spa Benefits

Even though many individuals love to support local, merely for the fact of doing so, there are actually significantly more benefits you receive when choosing Hydropool than this alone. It’s true that supporting local means supporting the Canadian economy and knowing where your hot tub or spa is made. But choosing Hydropool also means choosing products that are energy-efficient and long-lasting. Hydropool’s priority was to create products that would use the least energy possible while not compromising quality. This is why their Evergreen Pumps were created, as they consume approximately 26% less power than other hot tub pumps on the market. Although their products didn’t need to be changed, they realized what they could do to improve them and took the steps to do so. With this system, as a hot tub owner, you will be using less energy which will help lower your monthly costs. Speaking of cost, there are many other upsides to supporting this company if you’re a Canadian. Since they are manufactured within Canada, the shipping costs of Hydropool hot tubs and spas are far less than if you buy from a manufacturer in a different country or even the United States. The actual cost of shipping the spa will be far less because it is sent to you from Canada. On top of this, the exchange rate of buying from another country will add to the cost of things. Without having to pay all these extra expenses, you will have more money left over for your installation or any other ideas you might have for your backyard dream. Rather than spending more to get a hot tub from elsewhere, supporting local means not having to compromise anything and gaining everything.

Buying Canadian-Made and the Environmental Upside

Buying a large product such as a swim spa or hot tub locally also helps to reduce its carbon footprint significantly. Along with this, Hydropool also ensures its products are created with environmental aspects in mind. With products designed with multiple layers of insulation, 90 percent of heat from the functioning parts of your spa are trapped and reused instead of wasted. This heat is ultimately reused to keep your hot tub’s water temperature at the optimal level. This design takes energy from parts like the pump, jets, etc., that are already running and putting the heat they naturally produce to good use. This feature allows Hydropool hot tubs and spas can run at only a few cents a day.  Their products also feature self-cleaning technology, which filters 100 percent of the water every fifteen minutes. Hydropool is known for this feature as this technology is one of a kind and is the most energy-efficient filtration system around the world. Last but certainly not least is the fact that when you’re buying from a Canadian-made company like Hydropool, you are buying a product that you know can withstand Canadian temperatures and climates because they were specifically designed to. More often than not, what might be produced in places where it’s much warmer year-round won’t always be durable enough for our Canadian weather. This is something to keep in mind. There are many benefits to choosing a Canadian company for a hot tub or swim spa, and we’ve provided only a handful of them above. To learn more about choosing the perfect spa for your home, download our free buyer’s guide.
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