Why Choose A Swim Spa Over A Pool?

There’s no doubt about it. Having your own pool would be fantastic. There’s nothing more enjoyable than doing a cannon ball in your own back yard on a hot summer weekend … or burning calories swimming lap after lap … or being envied by friends and family. Now let’s get back to reality. Unfortunately, the disadvantages of owning your own pool greatly outweigh the advantages by a huge margin. First and foremost, building a swimming pool does not come cheap. And then there’s those large space requirements. Blowing up a pool like the one your kids have, may be your only alternative if you have a small backyard. Let’s not forget about limited seasonal use, expensive building code regulations, not to mention expensive upkeep and the negative effect it could have when the time comes to sell your home. The more you think about it, the more reasons you’ll find to take the plunge and get a Swim Spa instead. With a Swim Spa, you get the best of both worlds — all the amenities of a pool combined with countless features you’d find at a spa, and, at a fraction of the price! And when you compare the maintenance costs of a Swim Spa to a traditional pool, the Swim Spa is way ahead of the game. This can be attributed to its smaller size, which results in less water, which in turn means fewer chemicals than a pool. One of the key benefits of a Swim Spa, is that it generates a strong current of water that you can swim against. That means you can continue to swim laps without ever having to turn around. So now, you can experience what’s probably the absolute best swimming exercise work out, using the least amount of space in your yard. You’ll also be pleased to know that a Swim Spa can accommodate a variety of fitness requirements. In addition to swimming, Swim Spas allow you to walk on the spot, and even jog in the water, depending on what you prefer. Whether you’re a casual or serious exerciser, a Swim Spa has you covered. A Swim Spa not only allows you to take advantage of all the health benefits swimming has to offer, but you can also reap the benefits of the massage action from jets you would normally find in hot tubs. It’s the perfect remedy after a stress-filled day at the office or perhaps a strenuous weekend working in then garden. And now you can forget about a long wait. Unlike a pool that can take anywhere from 3-6 months to design and build, you can be enjoying your new Swim Spa in as little as three weeks!

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