Easing Aches and Pains with a Swim Spa

Are you looking for a simple yet effective form of easing aches and pains? A swim spa is an incredible way to do just that, as it provides endless benefits and opportunities to improve your overall health and wellness. But how does a swim spa work?

How a Swim Spa Eases Aches and Pains

The water in a swim spa creates hydrostatic pressure, similar to the effect created when you wear a compression sleeve. It helps improve blood flow and ease swelling, inflammation, and pain. It also helps with arthritis pain, post-injury recovery, improving digestion and reducing stress. Swimming or walking in the water of a swim spa is gentle on your body as it provides all these benefits and more. All of these benefits have to do with how the jets of a swim spa function. When it comes to Hydropool’s various swim spa options, you can easily customize your experience to create the perfect environment to relax and unwind. Are you looking to target back pain or neck tension? You can adjust your jets and their intensity to be at whatever level you need them to.    Hydrotherapy, or aquatic therapy, helps the recovery of many different physical injuries and can help improve your mental health too. Not only does it help improve your blood flow and circulation, but it also helps your body to produce endorphins. Hydrotherapy is commonly used to help with pain management or arthritis because it can soothe joints and muscles. It also helps with sleep issues and metabolism.    Although there are undoubtedly many physical benefits that come with owning a swim spa, it can also improve your mental state by relaxing your whole body. You can also add aromatherapy or lights to really maximize your experience and create your ideal environment.

What are the Features of a Swim Spa that Help Ease Pain?

Swim spas are created with ergonomic seating design in mind, which generally means there are different variations of seating to choose from. Therefore, finding the perfect, most comfortable spot for you and your needs or areas of concern is fairly easy. Another very important part of a swim spa that eases stress and pain is the jets. Many swim spas will come with various jet options and customization abilities so that you can target specific parts of your body. Whether you’re looking to massage your legs, feet, back or neck, there are jets at many different positions so that you can receive the benefits you need. Regardless of the level you set your jets at, you’ll be receiving incredible hydrotherapy benefits that will ease any aches or pains you might be feeling. This is referred to as zone therapy, as you can specify which area you need to target the most. Think of it kind of like you’re asking for a back massage but can receive one at any point from the comfort of your own home.  The jets also play a role in how you’re able to exercise. With a swim spa, you can run, walk, swim or do various exercise routines, all in a very low-impact way. Many people also use swim spas to help with post-injury recovery because of how gentle the water and jets can be. Swim spas were created with healing and relaxation in mind, and as you will come to find, there are endless ways that you’re able to achieve this through all the features of a spa like this. There are endless upsides to owning a swim spa, and the way that it eases aches and pains and helps with recovery are only some of them. To learn about finding the best swim spa for you and your home, download our free buyer’s guide, or visit us at our swim spa store.
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