Eco-Efficiency and Hot Tubs: The Best of 2021

When looking at eco-efficient hot tubs, you will find that they are not only beneficial to the environment, but their features also make them incredible options for your home. Perhaps you’re looking at what the top hot tubs of 2021 were to have a better understanding of which one would be best for you now. You might be wondering what eco-efficient features should you be looking for now?  When searching different hot tub companies, you will see Hydropool come up as a leading North American spa manufacturer with its many eco-efficient products and features. Their products are incredibly sustainable and durable and feature some of the most eco-efficient designs and technology around. But what are these features, and how can they benefit you and your home? Here’s what you need to know.

What Makes Hydropool Spas So Eco-Efficient?

Made in Ontario, Canada, Hydropool products feature advanced technology that allows them to last through even the coldest, snowiest winters. This Canadian manufacturer created their hot tubs to be eco-conscious for environmental purposes and benefit their customers long-term. These hot tubs can effortlessly run at 100 degrees for pennies a day, which means you’ll be able to save a great deal of money in the long run. Even in the coldest temperatures, these hot tubs can keep the heat of the water through their eco-efficient features. When it came to the design of their hot tubs, Hydropool ensured that eco-efficiency didn’t need to mean compromising on any quality. Their designs prove that this is the opposite case, as these features provide a higher quality experience.

Hydropool’s Self-Cleaning Technology and Pump Systems

The Evergreen pumps in Hydropool hot tubs are eco-efficient as they create a more substantial flow rate while also using less energy. In fact, these pumps are approximately 26% more efficient than alternative hot tub pumps and still allow you to run your spa for much less a day. The self-cleaning technology offered through Hydropool spas is specific to this company. Filtering 100% of the water every fifteen minutes, this technology allows less energy to be wasted long-term. While the water is being filtered, a floor vacuum also actively removes any dirt or debris. This allows your hot tub to have every part cleaned continuously, from your jets, filter, pump and more. Not only does this work to keep every part in excellent working condition, but it also cleans everything so you won’t need to physically do so as often. This feature is provided across various hot tub sizes, so whether you’re looking at a smaller spa or a much larger one, you won’t need to worry about the cleanliness of the water. In addition, this system allows every functioning system in your spa to run for many years to come. So, you can sit back and relax and spend more time enjoying all of the benefits of your hot tub.

Hydrowise Thermal Shield System

Energy efficiency also comes through how your hot tub is heated and how it’s able to maintain that temperature. For example, Hydropool spas feature excellent insulation and reuse heat that’s already being produced, so nothing goes to waste. For example, the heat already coming from the running pumps, jets, etc., can be put to good use. Hydropool designed their hot tubs so that this heat could go back into heating the spa’s water. This is what’s known as the Hydrowise Thermal Shield System.  The covers of Hydropool hot tubs also optimize naturally occurring heat to continue a similar process. Since black retains heat from the sun, these hardcovers trap it and lock it inside. In addition, they also feature a thermal shield blanket that is made from aluminum foil and is also black.              Hydropool has the most energy-efficient hot tubs for many reasons. If you’re looking to add a spa that will be sustainable and durable for many years to come, these are excellent options to consider. It’s important to keep in mind that wherever you’re looking for a hot tub, they feature a thick and well-insulated cover. It would be best if you also looked to see how insulated the hot tub itself is and how the heating system is designed and optimized. These are good places to start when looking for an eco-efficient hot tub in 2022. To learn more about finding your perfect hot tub, download our free buyer’s guide.
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