Exploring How Hydropool’s Self-Cleaning Technology Works

Crystal-clear water without the hassle – that’s the benefit of Hydropool’s self-cleaning technology. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the inner workings of this game-changing system and how it makes hot tub or swim spa maintenance a breeze. Here’s what you should know!

What Self-Cleaning Actually Means

Let’s break down what “self-cleaning” means for hot tubs and swim spas. It’s not a magical solution that eliminates all maintenance tasks, but it means less manual work for you. A self-cleaning hot tub or swim spa from Hydropool filters 100% water every 40 minutes in swim spas and every 15 minutes in hot tubs. Even though you still have to adjust the chemical levels, rinse or replace the filters, and change the water, you don’t need to do them as often. So, what makes this possible? Hydropool has an advanced filtration system that’s one of the most efficient in the world. It’s designed to take the load off your shoulders, giving you more time to enjoy your backyard oasis.

You can also talk to your local spa dealer if you’re curious about the other maintenance tasks required for hot tubs and swim spas.

Understanding Hydropool’s Self-Cleaning Function

Now that you’ve got a handle on the basics of self-cleaning technology in hot tubs and swim spas, let’s zoom in on the key elements that drive this system:

  1. HydroClean Filtration Jets – When you’re in your hot tub or swim spa, you might notice some surface debris. The HydroClean filtration jets are specially designed to find these particles and pass them along to the high-flow skimmer and pre-filter.
  2. Pre-Filter and High Flow Skimmer – Next comes total surface cleaning. The high-flow skimmer and pre-filter team up to clear away any leftover debris and oils. This important step ensures that the pump and heater stay clear and efficient.
  3. HydroClean Vacuum – Since the pre-filter can’t handle larger debris, it settles at the bottom of your hot tub or swim spa. Thankfully, the HydroClean floor vacuum steps in to do the job, ensuring a spotless floor without any manual effort on your part. This also enhances the even distribution of water care products for more effective treatment.
  4. Pressurized Micro-Filters – As water flows through the high-pressure filter, it traps any dirt or debris that might have been left behind. This means that only pure, clean water re-enters through the jets. With this top-notch filtration and longer cleaning time, your Hydropool hot tub or swim spa maintains crystal-clear water quality, ensuring a safe and refreshing experience every time you use it.

What Are the Benefits of a Self-Cleaning Hot Tub or Swim Spa?

Thinking about adding a self-cleaning Hydropool hot tub or swim spa to your home? These benefits might make your decision easier:

  • Less Manual Cleaning – A self-cleaning hot tub or swim spa automates much of the cleaning process, reducing the time and effort you need to spend on manual cleaning tasks.
  • Reliable Water Flow – With Hydropool’s self-cleaning feature, the water in your hot tub or swim spa is always on the move. This prevents stagnation and keeps the water fresh.
  • Safe Soaking – Hydropool’s self-cleaning technology actively keeps harmful bacteria and contaminants at bay, reducing the risk of irritation and other similar issues. When you choose Hydropool, you’re choosing a safer and more enjoyable spa experience for you and your loved ones.
  • Energy Savings – The self-cleaning system keeps the water in your hot tub or swim spa fresh and is also designed to be energy-efficient. That means you’ll save on energy bills while still enjoying all the benefits of your backyard oasis.
  • Extended Lifespan – With less debris clogging up the pump and heaters, your hot tub or swim spa can last for years without needing much repairs. The result? Your backyard oasis becomes a long-lasting source of relaxation and enjoyment.
  • Worry-Free Enjoyment – Owning a self-cleaning hot tub or swim spa allows you to fully enjoy therapeutic benefits and leisurely moments without the added stress of constant maintenance.

When it comes to self-cleaning hot tubs and swim spas, Hydropool’s innovative technology is setting a new standard. No more worrying about the hassle of maintenance – just hours of fun, relaxation, and wellness. With a Hydropool hot tub or swim spa at home, you can truly make the most of effortless luxury.

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