Finding the Best Spa for You

Many factors play a role in deciding the best swim spas and it is ultimately dependent on what each person classifies as most important. Considering factors like how big you want your spa to be, who will benefit from its features, and what you can afford, are all things to keep in mind.

Hydropool offers three distinct swim spa lines where you will surely not have any problem finding the one that works best for you. The Play Collection offers swim spas that provide exercise opportunities as well as fun, playful features. The Aquatic Collection was made with the athlete in mind, and provides wonderful swimming opportunities for individuals.

Last, but certainly not least, is their Executive Collection, which provides similar features to the previously mentioned collections, but in larger sizes. By reading through this blog, you might just determine which of these swim spas would be the perfect fit for you.

The Collection That Combines Exercise And Play:

The AquaPlay 12FFPis a specific model of Hydopool’s that was developed with family in mind. This swim spa provides all you need to set up your own home gym with its built-in treadmill technology. To top it off, Hydropool’s Water Watch, which works with this spa to monitor your exercise performance, is a wonderful bonus. This unique and useful feature is great for anyone trying to improve their overall fitness.

This spa features accessories that also allow the attachment of workout bands, meaning you can work both your upper body and lower body simultaneously through this spa collection. Whether you would like to enjoy the treadmill technology or rowing experience, you are sure to get a great workout in!

This model was created to be both fun and beneficial to your health, with the inclusion of multiple unique accessories. Whether your kids want to play in the water just as they would a pool, or take to the waves created by the powered jets, there are endless opportunities for them to enjoy this swim spa. When it comes down to it, every family member can enjoy water activities during the day, while also having the option to relax and unwind, just as they would in a hot tub.

The Collection That Was Made For Swimmers:

The Aquatic collection was ultimately created with the athlete in mind. There are many options within this collection so that you can choose which one is right for you. Whether you’re hoping to get training in as a professional swimmer, or simply improve your swimming skills, this is the spa collection for you.

These spas have a constant stream of water that create a current for you can swim against. You also have full control over what type of swimming workout you get, by choosing your preferred jet functions. It provides all the benefits that you would receive from swimming laps in a full-length pool but in a much smaller design that fits comfortably into any home.

With countless options to choose from, you can decide whether you would like the hot tub and pool combined in one place or separately. With the different layout options available, you can decide what kind of swim spa you would like best. This range includes the AquaSport14 AX, AquaTrainer19 DTAX and a variety of spas to suit your needs.

The Largest Swim Spa Collection:

To sum it up, the Executive Collection essentially provides all of the features of the previously mentioned spas, but in larger sizes. Within this collection, there are both Sport and Training options to choose from depending on what you’re looking for. The Executive Swim Spas offer a wonderful exercise and play experience once again, but with more space to work with. Because they are larger, there is enough space to accommodate all of your specific swimming and exercise needs.

What Kind Of Swim Spa Are You Looking For?

Now that you have an idea of what the various swim spa collection options are, you can choose what you would like to get out of your spa experience. What is the most important aspect of a swim spa for you? Are you an avid swimmer or would you prefer low impact workout options instead?

Hydropool’s extensive collections of swim spas can be viewed further to see all the features offered. By looking through the full range of collections, you can take a better look at things like ergonomic seating options, positioning of jets, and self-cleaning materials and features. You will ultimately learn more about your preferences by looking through and comparing all options. Regardless of what your idea of a perfection looks like, there is a spa out there for you!

Now that you know all about Hydropool’s top swim spas feel free to download our free buyer’s guide today and learn more, or visit us at our swim spa store.

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