Here’s What You Should Know About Dogs and Water Safety

Most dog lovers would agree that letting pets join in on family activities always makes for an even better time. Swimming is no exception, and it’s nice to think about you and your furry friend cooling off in a pool or swim spa on a hot summer afternoon. But is it actually safe for dogs to swim in a spa? Here’s what you need to know about letting your pup take a dip and how you can make the experience as safe for them as possible.

Allowing Your Dog to Swim in Your Spa

Swimming is an excellent way to do zero-impact exercise, even for pets. This is why a lot of people are happy to let their dogs have some fun in their spa. For this experience to be enjoyable for both you and your dog, safety should still be the top priority. Whenever your dog is in the swim spa, you or a trusted loved one should always be there to keep a close watch. At times when the spa is not in use, it would be best to place a cover on it. One of the advantages of owning a swim spa is their hardcovers, which act as an additional means of protecting your animals from the water.

If you’re introducing your dog to the water for the first time, it’s essential to do it gradually while following a safety routine. After all, not all dogs are excellent swimmers, and some of them might even be afraid of the water at first. You can start by making them wear a life vest and letting them float around in the water until they become comfortable enough. These safety precautions will put your mind at ease and let your dog enjoy swimming to the fullest.

As an added precaution, it’s also a good idea to make sure that your dog is in excellent health before letting them go swimming. Routine checkups with the vet and updated vaccinations will lower the risk of developing complications from swimming.

Is Spa Water Safe for Dogs?

Here’s the good news – your dog can safely cool off in your swim spa’s water as long as the pH levels are within the recommended range. This means you can have a splash with your dog without having to worry about what chlorine will do to their skin and fur. It’s important to note, though, that rinsing off your pet after spending time in the water is necessary to remove any residue that can cause itchiness or skin irritation. It’s also very important to ensure that the temperature of your swim spa is kept at a safe level. Water that is either too hot or too cold is not ideal for dogs, which is why we recommend a temperature between 80 to 90 degrees.

Dogs swallowing this water is also a major concern for many since it’s almost always a part of the swimming experience. When your dog is in the spa, you should closely monitor how much water they’re drinking. It’s no surprise that dogs aren’t aware that they shouldn’t be swallowing this water, so it’s up to you to keep it in check. Too much spa water can cause sickness, nausea, vomiting, and other digestive problems, so it’s definitely something you’d want to avoid. You can call their attention when you see them starting to drink water. If that doesn’t work, you might need to take them out of the spa.

How Dogs Affect the Water in Your Spa

As you may have guessed, a dog’s coat can also have an effect on the balance of your water’s pH. In fact, some articles suggest that a single dog in a pool or spa is equivalent to three or more people when it comes to raising the pH levels and using up the spa’s chlorine. Aside from the effects on the water’s chemistry, dog fur can also be left behind in the water. However, thanks to Hydropool’s self-cleaning technology that filters 100% of the spa’s water every fifteen minutes, you won’t need to worry about cleaning the water as frequently, even when your furry friends join in on the fun.

Having a dog that loves to swim can provide a lot of opportunities for memorable experiences. By following these tips, you can keep your mind at ease, knowing that your dog is free from any harm while enjoying the spa. Swimming is a great way for them to exercise, and it’s also a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy together. So go ahead and let your furry friend take a dip – just be sure to do it safely!  If you have any further questions about the safety of your pet in water, feel free to reach out to a swim spa provider near you.

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