Which Hot Tub is the Most Energy Efficient Option?

When it comes to hot tub cost per month, choosing an energy efficient model can be a huge money saver. But because so many of today’s hot tubs are considered energy efficient, it can be hard to know which one will get you the most for your money. Below you’ll discover what to look for to pick the most energy efficient hot tub possible.

The Most Important Features for Energy Efficiency

The best way to prevent yourself from spending too much to heat and run your hot tub is to make sure that as much heat as possible remains locked in. Choosing a hot tub with good insulation is essential for this reason. Foam is a basic type of insulation, but there are also more advanced options like fibercor that can hold in more heat. If you do choose foam insulation, make sure the hot tub is fully insulated and that there are several layers of foam. The most efficient hot tubs will also feature convection insulation, which reuses heat that escapes from the motor to heat the water.

Considering Eco Modes

Many of the latest hot tubs feature an “eco mode” setting that will help you save energy and money when you aren’t using your hot tub. When placed in eco mode, a hot tub will run at a lower temperature. If you have an older model that does not have this feature, put your hot tub on a timer. This will allow you to adjust the temperature at predetermined times when the hot tub will not be in use.

Doing Circulation Right

How much will a hot tub increase energy bill costs? The pump is a huge determinant in hot tub costs. Rather than choosing a noisy jet pump that will eat a lot of energy, choose a circulation pump. These types of pumps are incredibly efficient, often using as little power as a 40-watt lightbulb.

Calculating and Cutting Cost

Knowing how much you spend to run your hot tub each month is key to cutting costs. Start by calculating energy consumption (kwh, or kilowatt hours) by finding the hot tub wattage located on the label. Next, determine how many hours you use your hot tub per day, multiply it by the wattage, and divide this number by 1000. This will give you how many kilowatt hours you use per day. To find out your monthly kwh usage, multiply the number of kilowatt hours by 30. Finally, refer to your electric bill and determine how much you pay per kilowatt. By multiplying this by the kwh per month, you’ll learn exactly how much it costs you per month to run your hot tub. Running your hot tub at non-peak hours where rates may be lower, using the eco-mode setting, or lowering the temperature by a degree or two can make dramatic differences in your bill. Now that you understand how to find an energy efficient hot tub, download our buyer’s guide to view our large selection of energy efficient models, or visit us at our hot tub store.
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