How Much Hot Tub Removal Costs and What to Expect

Saying goodbye to your old hot tub? Having a clear understanding of the costs involved can help you go through the process smoothly. Below, we’ll provide an overview of what you might spend on hot tub removal and share tips that can make it easier for you to plan ahead. Here’s what you should know!

How Hot Tub Disposal and Removal Services Work

The decision to remove and dispose of a hot tub often comes down to practicality, personal preferences, and the need for change. Sometimes, it’s simply because the spa is old and not working well anymore. Repairs can be costly, and if it’s not bringing relaxation, it might be time to let it go. Other people might need the space for something else in their yard or want to upgrade to a newer model with better features. Moving to a new place could be another factor. No matter what your reason might be, knowing how the removal process works can help you make the right choices throughout the transition.

One of the simplest ways to go about this project is by hiring a junk removal company that also offers hot tub removal services. Typically, the company will send a team with the necessary tools and expertise. They’ll disconnect the spa, drain the water, and dismantle it carefully. These steps will make it easier to transport the hot tub safely. After that, the pieces are loaded onto the truck for proper disposal. These companies often have contacts for recycling or disposal facilities, ensuring that the disassembled materials are handled responsibly. You can also contact your local hot tub dealer to learn more about other methods of spa disposal.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Hot Tub?

The average cost of removing a hot tub from its current location can fall anywhere between $150 to $650. This wide range is due to various factors, and your exact needs will ultimately determine the total cost. To give you an idea, junk companies or professional hot tub movers charge between $300 to $600 for removal and disposal. If you just want to move a hot tub from one part of your property to another, you can expect to pay around $150 to $200. You may need to shell out more if there are stairs or challenging pathways along the way. The cost breakdown may also include additional labor fees of $100 to $200 per hour, depending on the complexity of the job and any extra services required.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Removing An Old Spa

Knowing how much you’re willing to spend allows you to explore different removal options and choose the one that fits your budget. When planning, it’s helpful to consider these key factors that can affect the overall cost of hot tub removal:

Size and Weight of the Hot Tub

How big and heavy your spa is can affect how much you’ll pay for removal. Larger hot tubs might require more effort, equipment, and possibly more people for the process. Being aware of your spa’s dimensions can make it easier to discuss removal services with professionals and plan your budget accordingly.

Type of Hot Tub Installation

The type of setup your hot tub has can also influence the removal fees. An in-ground spa might need more work to take out compared to a portable hot tub or inflatable hot tub. This means it would cost more to remove. On the other hand, an above-ground spa is usually easier to lift and haul away, making the project less expensive.

Accessibility of the Hot Tub

Another factor that can affect the costs associated with hot tub removal is accessibility. If your spa is in a hard-to-reach location, like a backyard with limited entry points, more time and effort would be needed. Tight spaces, stairs, and narrow pathways can also make it more difficult to remove the hot tub. These challenges can lead to extra labor costs.

Junk Removal Service

Generally, the price for removing a spa already includes the cost of disposal. However, some local junk removal companies may have separate fees for it, so it’s essential to clarify these potential extra costs upfront.

Additional Hot Tub Removal Costs to Consider

  • Site Preparation – Before the actual removal process, you might need to prepare the site to create a safe and accessible environment for extraction. Obstacles like plants, rocks, or other debris need to be cleared away. Some removal services may include basic site preparation in their fees, but if there’s extensive clearing or landscaping required, it could lead to additional fees.
  • Repair or Restoration – While professionals aim to be careful, unexpected damage to the surrounding area may happen. This means you might need to budget for repairs to make everything look good again. This could include fixing broken tiles, mending scratches, or restoring landscaping.
  • Permit Fees – Some areas have rules and regulations about large item disposal. Depending on your location and the hot tub size, you might need to pay permit fees. These permits typically ensure that the project follows local guidelines and environmental standards.
  • DIY Hot Tub Removal Project – If you’re thinking about doing a DIY removal, there are a few expenses to get ready for. Considering that an average hot tub typically weighs around 500 pounds, you’d need equipment like a dolly, tie-down straps, and support boards. You may even need to ask for help from one or two more people to do the lifting. Renting a dumpster could also be part of your expenses for disposing of the dismantled parts.

Easy Ways to Save Money on Hot Tub Removal

The factors that affect removal costs also open up opportunities to minimize your overall expenses. Here are some simple tips for cutting down what you might spend:
  • Draining the water, cleaning the surfaces, and clearing the surrounding area are some of the tasks you can do to get your hot tub ready for removal. Doing some of the prep work yourself can save time for the removal team, potentially reducing labor costs. Talk to multiple companies so you can compare their prices and services. This can help you find the best deal that’s tailored to your needs.
  • If the hot tub is still in good condition, consider selling it or donating it instead of paying for disposal.
  • Schedule removal during off-peak times when service rates may be lower.
  • Find out if repairing your hot tub is a more budget-friendly choice compared to removing or replacing it. A technician can inspect and let you know if fixing any issues is a good option, potentially saving you money in the long run.

Getting Rid of a Hot Tub Can Be Stress-Free

Setting a clear budget plays a big role in making the hot tub removal process stress-free. When you understand the costs involved, you can plan efficiently and focus on what you can afford. By making choices that fit your budget, parting ways with your hot tub becomes a simple experience that allows you to move forward with peace of mind.

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