Hot Tubs Vs Jacuzzis

While a hot tub is a general term used by many different manufacturers and distributors, Jacuzzi is a name that’s specific to a trademarked brand. But why are these terms so often used interchangeably, and why is it important to know the difference? Below, we’ll provide you with the background history of both to better understand where the names first came from.

Hot Tub History

Originating in the 1970s, “hot tub” was a word used to describe a wooden structure with a system that created a similar feeling of massage jets. Of course, today’s hot tubs are far more sophisticated and made of far more durable and long-lasting materials. Today’s hot tubs also have endless benefits and features that were not even on people’s radars yet when they were first established. From ergonomic seating options to a range of jet features, to some with Bluetooth technology, “hot tub” is the umbrella term used to describe any spa like this on the market, but they’re all very different. Although many things have changed in terms of the look and features, the name has remained. By searching for a spa online, you will see many hot tub store options come up, but if you’re looking for quality products that can withstand the cold, snowy Canadian climates, then Hydropool is your best bet.

Jacuzzi History

Alternatively, Jacuzzi is a trademark brand, so if you’re using the word “Jacuzzi” it will only apply to products from this company. The history behind this name is actually very important and gives us context on how the hot tub actually came to be. In 1948, Roy Jacuzzi’s great uncle established the idea. Coming from a long line of inventors, this family worked within the agricultural industry and were the ones who created the first submersible pump. Originally intended for agricultural use, they realized this pump could be used in other ways. When Roy’s great uncle saw that his 15-month-old son was struggling with Rheumatoid Arthritis, he came up with a solution to ease his pain. With a background in hydraulics, this family invented a hydrotherapy pump that would turn your standard bathtub into an incredible hot tub with countless benefits. The first ever concept of a hot tub was called “the Roman,” It was a large structure that took similar principles for the bathtub idea but brought it to a much grander scale outside. His goal was to have numerous people use it all at once so communities could interact and socialize while relaxing. Of course, this original concept evolved and continued to do so more and more throughout the years, which is why we have hot tubs today that are rather luxurious and very beneficial. They are also now used by people all around the world. Because the Jacuzzi family first created this concept, it was only fitting that their name would still represent that brand today. This trademarked brand allows people from all corners of the globe to recognize the inventors of this product. Even though “hot tub” and “Jacuzzi” are often used synonymously, there are differences that still set them apart, and they are not the same thing. Jacuzzi sells various products and now carries hot tubs, swim spas, and bathroom features. With many different makes and models to choose from, you’re bound to find one that is the perfect addition to your home. Although the names are different, the benefits are very similar. From hydrotherapeutic benefits that provide pain relief, ease aches and pains, improve digestion, blood flow, sleep and more, both hot tub and Jacuzzi’s improve one’s overall health and wellness. If you’re looking to add a hot tub to your home, you can always look for dealers in your area, keeping in mind two of the top brands, Hydropool and Jacuzzi. While both are widely loved by their customers, Hydropool is a leading North American spa manufacturer for its advanced, one-of-a-kind technology and superb product quality. To learn more about finding the perfect hot tub for you and your home, download our free buyer’s guide.
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