How a Hot Tub Can Help Ease Inflammation

Hot tubs provide several benefits to achieve an overall improved sense of wellness, from easing aches and pains to arthritis relief, improved sleep, digestion, blood circulation, etc. Among all these things, hot tubs also help reduce inflammation. But how do hot tubs work, and how could one help you? Here’s what you need to know.

The Massage Jets of a Hot Tub

Pain and inflammation are not just associated with old age or injury. Whether individuals are sitting at a desk all day or are physically active for work, our bodies go through a lot at any age. Not to mention, going to the gym, playing sports, etc., can all play a role in our physical state. Therefore, whether pain or inflammation comes about from a health issue, work, exercise, or simply day-to-day activities, a hot tub can help.  The massage jets of a hot tub will be just what you need for relief. With Hydropool’s four distinct jet zones, you can have targeted relief to the areas that need it most. Zone 1 is referred to as the “Core Zone,” which relieves pain in the shoulders and back area. The next zone, the “Lower Body Zone,” targets the lower back, thighs, hips, wrists and hands. The third zone, the “Upper Body Zone,” provides relief to the neck, shoulders and back, and the last “Reflexology Zone” targets the feet and ankles. Therefore, regardless of which part of your body is experiencing pain or inflammation, a Hydropool hot tub’s massage jets will be able to focus on the specific area that needs it most. Overall, the massage jets promote improved blood circulation, which eases pain and inflammation and will likely leave you feeling lighter and with a better range of motion.  Along with the different placement of jets also comes the various intensity levels. Whether you’re looking for a deep tissue massage or a gentle one, you can customize the experience to fit your preferences and needs. Have any questions about how zone therapy works? Reach out to your local hot tub dealer!

How the Water in a Hot Tub Helps Ease Inflammation

Hydrotherapy provides many benefits, as the water creates a low-impact environment that will aid in relief. Think about how weightless you feel when in a pool, lake or ocean. The way that water naturally reduces pressure from joints is one thing, and mix in the warm temperatures of a hot tub, and you’ll be feeling the relief in no time.  The warmth of the water will, in turn, also elevate your body temperature. This will naturally cause dilated blood vessels and increased circulation, which will lead oxygenated blood to more parts of your body. With more oxygenated blood reaching areas in your body where you feel pain or experience inflammation, you can reduce swelling. In combination with the water buoyancy that will naturally relieve tension and pressure on bones, muscles, joints, etc., you’re bound to receive the relief you need.

How Hot Tubs Originated

Did you know that hot tubs were originally invented to treat a young boy’s Rheumatoid Arthritis? The inventor of hot tubs, Roy Jacuzzi, expanded upon the idea that his uncle had to help a family member deal with arthritis. With this in mind, it’s no wonder why hot tubs work so well to relieve inflammation because they were ultimately created to ease the pain and inflammation that comes with arthritis. The same principles apply today, with many more improvements and, thus, many more benefits.  Various factors come into play that makes hot tubs such an ideal space to help reduce inflammation and any related pain. To learn more about finding the perfect hot tub to fit all of your needs, download our free buyer’s guide today.
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