How a Swim Spa Can Add Value to Your Home

Have you been hoping to add a pool to your backyard but simply don’t have the space for one? More and more homes being built generally means less backyard space. However, you can still receive the same great experience of having a pool, even if you don’t have a large yard. Swim spas are known for their versatility and ultimately combine the benefits of hot tubs and pools in one compact unit. Therefore, you can still create a space for the whole family to enjoy some time in the water, even if you have limited space. And even better news? It can add value to your home! Here’s what you need to know about adding a swim spa to your home this season.

What is a Swim Spa, and What Does it do?

Swim spas are generally around 12 to 21 feet long, and their jets work to create the ideal space for relaxation, fun and exercise! In contrast, pools can range anywhere from 10 to 40 plus feet long, and although there are many similarities in how you can use both, there is arguably more you can do in a swim spa than in a pool. With a swim spa’s jet technology, you’re able to swim in one place with nothing more than the jets and your momentum against them. Rather than doing laps back and forth, like you would in a pool, you can simply set the jets to whatever level you feel most comfortable and begin swimming. Creating the perfect swim at any level, swim spas are excellent for those looking to practice an intense swim or for beginners just learning how. This is one of the many reasons why swim spas are perfect for those of any age.  Attach a boogie board to the anchor point of any Hydropool swim spa, and allow your children to practice their kicks or simply have some fun in the water! Additionally, if you’re looking to exercise, select Hydropool swim spas have treadmill technology that allows you to walk or run in the water, too.  And if you’d much rather sit back and relax at the end of a stressful day or simply ease any aches or pains, those same jets that provide all of the fun, exercise and swim options also work to massage various parts of your body. With Hydropool swim spas, you can have targeted relief to your feet, legs, back, shoulders, neck or arms. Because of the versatility of the jet systems of a swim spa, everyone can get just what they need, not only in terms of enjoyment and exercise but also to help improve physical and mental health. The list of positive features and benefits that swim spas provide truly goes on and on. So it may come as no surprise that adding one to your home also adds value to it.

Adding Value to Your Home With a Swim Spa

Whether or not a swim spa can add value to your home if you end up selling depends on various factors. Of course, swim spas can be installed either above or below ground, and if you plan to take it with you when you leave, then it won’t be adding value to the home you’re selling. However, if you have your swim spa installed in-ground and plan to leave it there as a permanent structure, then it could be a considerable selling feature. How it’s installed makes all the difference. For example, this could be a huge selling point if you’ve created a gorgeous backyard oasis with a swim spa designed seamlessly into the landscape, with maybe an outdoor seating area, grill, bar, etc. However, if the swim spa looks as though it’s been installed as an afterthought, it will likely be less appealing for those looking to buy your home. Although they would still receive the same great features from the spa itself, the aesthetic and design of everything make a huge difference. Think of it like this. You walk into a staged house that has been thoughtfully laid out versus the same one as it may look from day to day with a family living in it. The house is still the same structure with the same potential, but the way that it’s presented makes all the difference. Therefore, swim spas can potentially add great value to your home, when done right. And if you’re ever looking for inspiration or need help with installation and landscaping ideas, you can always reach out to a spa provider near you for help. To learn more about adding a swim spa to your home, download a free buyer’s guide today.
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