How Can You Get More Use from Your Hot Tub During the Summer?

It’s been found that Canadians use their backyard hot tub during the winter more than any other season. And why not?!? Is there anything better than dealing with a long winter’s day than coming home and soaking in 40-degree water while snowflakes float around your ears? We think not. But what about the warmer months of the year? Although we probably don’t get as much summer as we’d like, when the hot weather finally rolls around it can be downright tropical. The thought of spending time in your hot tub may not be the first thing that comes to mind during a heatwave, so how can you get more use from your hot tub during the summer? For a handful of tricks and tips, check out the article below.

Rescheduling Your Hot Tub Use

Just because the mid-afternoon sun is unbearable doesn’t mean that you can no longer spend time in your hot tub with the water heater dialed up to the max. By rescheduling your soaks to the early morning or late evening you can avoid the hottest parts of the day and still enjoy the sensations that soaking in hot water gives you. You might also find that the new routine kick starts your day better than a cup of coffee. It’ll also allow you to easily fall asleep at night by providing some pre-bed wind-down time with a warm, soothing soak.

Adjust the Temperature

It’s actually pretty easy to turn your hot tub into a cool and refreshing plunge pool. Simply turn the water heater down, switch it to the “sleep” or “economy” mode or turn it off altogether. Just make sure to keep the water pumps running to ensure the water continues to be filtered and kept clean and safe. For a quicker cool down (and to the delight of any children involved) throw a couple of ice blocks into the tub while you’re soaking. Just make sure to retest your water chemistry afterward as this additional water can throw the levels out of whack. If you find yourself habitually resorting to this trick during the summer but hate the extra water testing and waiting for the water to reheat, you might want to invest in a hot tub cooling kit. These systems allow you to cool your hot tub a lot faster than simply allowing the ambient temperature to go down on its own.

Throw Some Shade

Part of the problem with soaking in a hot tub in the middle of summer is dealing with direct sunlight overhead. And after several days of bright sunny weather, the hot tub is going to feel hotter than ever. Prevent the water (and your head!) from overheating by providing some shade. This can be something as simple as a patio umbrella or something more comprehensive like a canopy or marquee. For a more permanent solution, a pergola or gazebo can provide shelter throughout the year. The lattice-like roof of a pergola will still allow for some sunlight or stargazing while the full roof of a gazebo will provide complete overhead protection. With some skillful gardening, you could grow climbing plants around the pergola and time them to provide maximum protection during the hottest and sunniest part of the summer.

Upgrade the Surrounding Area

The fact is that you can’t spend all your time in the hot tub anyway. So, make the most of the time you spend out of the hot tub as well. By upgrading the area around the hot tub, you can create a comfortable space in which to cool off after a soak. Shaded sun loungers, an outdoor shower, or an entertainment system can make the time you spend outside of your hot tub just as enjoyable as the time spent inside of it.

Now that you know how to get more use from your hot tub this summer, find out more about the wellness benefits they offer by downloading a hot tub buyer’s guide below, or visit us at our London hot tub store.

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