How Do Hot Tub Heaters Work?

The main purpose of a hot tub is to produce heated water. It offers users a soaking experience saturated with relaxation and calming effects. Without heat, a hot tub is practically useless, and certainly not providing the hydrotherapy benefits that they are famous for. If your hot tub is not working efficiently, and you find it lacks heat, there is likely a problem or two at hand. There are a few issues that can contribute to heater or temperature malfunction. Most assume that it is the hot tub heater itself that is the problem but in many cases, there are other factors. These can include a dirty filter, clogged pumps, scale build-up, corrosion and other issues. If you are wondering how a hot tub heater works, and how it contributes to the complete operation of your hot tub, continue reading. An explanation of its importance, as well as the factors that can plague its usefulness, are mentioned.

Heaters and Other Elements Contribute to Heat

Hot tub heaters work in unison with other components to produce heated water. These include a combination of heaters, pumps, and jets. Electrical resistant heaters are synonymous with hot tubs. For a hot tub to operate efficiently, these electrical heaters are required for generating heat. Their purpose is to convert energy into warm water. Pumps are responsible for the flow of water through the assembly housing of the hot tub. As their action is performed, an element coil heater heats the water that is pushed through, and it is brought to a distribution zone. After being introduced here, water is coursed through small nozzles. The result is warm water that persistently flows through your hot tub.

What Are The Issues That Usually Affect Hot Tub Heaters?

It is almost impossible to find comfort in a cold hot tub. If your hot tub water is cold or not as warm as it should be, this is a clear indication that something is wrong. Various issues could be contributing to the malfunction of your hot tub heater.

Clogged Pumps

As mentioned, pumps serve the role of circulating water. If your pump is clogged or is producing strange noises, this is an issue that needs to be fixed. A clogged pump is useless and could be the very reason why warm water is no longer coursing through your hot tub. To solve this issue, your pump or spa filter needs to be cleaned, or the pump itself needs to be replaced.

Dirty Filters

Filters in your hot tub are far more important than many realize, if they are dirty or worn out, this will affect the heating system in your hot tub. Before water enters your hot tub, it must go through the filter. So, if it is dirty and hindering the flow of clean, warm water, your hot tub will not operate as it should.

Scale & Corrosion

Scale build-up on pumps, heaters, and filters can impair how these components perform. The presence of scale on any of these elements can alter their performance and in turn, affect how heat is distributed throughout the hot tub. Similarly, corrosion plays a similar role. If pumps, jets, heater, filters, cables, or any other element is worn down, your hot tub’s performance will be compromised. It is essential that all elements remain in pristine shape if they are to perform as intended. Be sure to pay attention to corroded wires as well. To learn more about how your new hot tub heater will work, download a hot tub buyer’s guide, or visit us at our London hot tub store.
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