How Do Hot Tub Jets Work?

When people think of hot tubs, their minds typically day dream about relaxing warm waters and being massaged by soothing jets. See, the jets are the key to making hot tubs such a relaxing experience for so many individuals. This is due to the strategic placement of the jets that focus on pushing water towards those areas of your body that need it most. In the following article, we discuss just how important those small jets are to your hot tub experience and what exactly to look for.

How to Have the Best Hot Tub Experience

Hot tub jets certainly play a crucial role in delivering a relaxing experience, but it cannot be done on their own. What really creates the fantastic hydrotherapy massage treatment is the pump and plumbing of the hot tub. When you look at a Hydropool Spa, you will notice the pumps are specifically designed to create an extremely efficient flow rate. The plumbing is well thought out and placed to decrease the flow distance from suction to pump, and lastly from the pump out to the jets. When that warm water reaches the jets, the bather is treated to a rejuvenating massage.

How Do My Hot Tub Jets Work?

If you look at the inner workings of hot tub jets you will find different sized valves controlling how the water flows throughout the hot tub. Hot tubs contain large diverter valves that powerfully move the water to specific therapeutic massage treatment points. The hot tub also contains smaller valves, or air venturi valves, which push air through the water stream. This is what causes those little air bubbles in your water.

If you look specifically at Hydropool hot tubs, you may notice they are well known for their innovative non-bearing Hydroflow jet collection. These are considered the highest grade of flow rates in the hot tub industry. This is due to the jets not having bearings, thus increasing their lifespan, decreasing their corrosion and clogging. The Hydropool jet also comes with zoned jetting system technology. These strategically placed jets are designed to help with specific areas of the body. Typically, these focus on 4 different areas of the body to massage. With a touch screen programming system, bathers can be guided on when to move to the following hot tub seat or zone. Bathers will also find that the customizable program allows them to decide on how the water stream will deliver their specific massage to their body’s needs. For instance, is a hot tubber would like to address back pain, they can select the zoned massage program that focuses on the spine, dorsal muscles, trapezius muscles, and lumbar region, as well as the lower and upper back tension.

Common Misconceptions About Hot Tub Jets

When first-time bathers are searching for the perfect hot tub, they may assume that the hot tub with the most powerful jets is the best ones. Truthfully, the hot tub that is going to be best for you is the one that allows you to formulate a massage to exactly whatever your needs are. Instead, seek out adjustable volume, water flow, and water stream pressure choices. It is also common for people to assume if a hot tub has more jets then it is better. This is not always the case and you may also want to consider quality over quantity. Customizable options may be more important than the number of jets for your particular hot tub.

Testing How Hot Tub Jets Work

When you are purchasing a hot tub, there is no secret this is a worthwhile investment. So, you want to make sure you are both satisfied and comfortable with your purchase. Before buying your hot tub, ask your dealer about a wet test. During a wet test, a dealer will fill a hot tub with water, so you can learn more about the experience and jets first hand.

To learn more about hot tub jets and hydrotherapy massage, download a hot tub buyer’s guide below, or visit us at our hot tub store.

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