How Do You Clean Hot Tub Filters?

If you have just purchased a hot tub, you are most likely aware that your hot tub filter will require regular cleaning. This is important to ensure that your water remains clean, your hot tub runs as it should and its overall longevity. Many new hot tub owners ask their dealer ‘How do you clean hot tub filters?’ In the article below, we will discuss the different parts of the filter, how it needs to be cleaned and the cleaning schedule that you should follow.

The Parts of a Filter

A hot tub filter is comprised of three main parts, which is important to be aware of.

The lid of many hot tub filters is comprised of two parts known as the air vent valve and the lock ring. The latter is responsible for securely keeping the filter in its place, and the air vent valve limits air from penetrating the pipelines.

Cartridge, Gasket and Valve
Although filters can be different depending on the model or manufacturer, typically the cartridge, gasket, and bypass valve are three components that make up the body of the filter. The media cartridge is the pleated section of the filter that traps dirt and debris and the gasket is responsible for holding the cartridge in its place. Finally, the bypass valve enables water to move through the filter cartridge effortlessly.

End Caps
Typically, the base of the filter is made of plastic end caps or a durable metal. The base is responsible for keeping the filter in place.

Replacing Your Filter

Every few years, your filter will need to be replaced. This may be necessary sooner, depending on how much usage your hot tub gets or if some part of your filter has become damaged. It is important to always take care of, clean and replace you filter as needed. There are certain circumstances where your hot tub warranty may become void as a result of a dirty filter.

Weekly Hot Tub Filter Cleaning

Weekly filter cleaning only takes a few minutes. Just remove the filters from your hot tub and rinse them with either a garden hose or in the sink under the faucet. Gently inspect the cartridge and remove trapped hair, dirt and debris. Let the filter to dry completely before putting back in your hot tub.

Monthly Hot Tub Filter Cleaning

Set a date on your calendar each month so that you remember it is time to do a specialized chemical rinse on your filter. Ask your hot tub dealer which type of cleaner they recommend and stock up when you buy your hot tub so that you have it on hand. Remove your filter, spritz with the cleaner and let sit for 15 – 20 minutes. Thoroughly rinse with water and allow to dry before replacing. If you do not rinse well, the leftover spray cleaner will foam in the water and put back into the hot tub.

Quarterly Hot Tub Filter Cleaning

Every season, or three to four months, the water in your hot tub will need to be drained and replaced. This is also the perfect time to do a complete filter cleaning, otherwise known as a chemical soak. Remove the filter and place in the chemical solution provided by your dealer and let soak for 24 hours. Thoroughly rinse all the solution off and allow to dry before replacing.

Additional Information

Make sure that you never use regular household cleaning products, such as bleach, to clean your filter and never put your hot tub filter in your dishwasher to be cleaned. Both of these scenarios will quickly cause damage.

To learn more about hot tub maintenance and care, download a hot tub buyers guide below, or visit us at our London hot tub store.

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