How Does Aromatherapy Improve the Hot Tub Experience?

You are a hot tub owner looking for new ways to make that relaxing, bubbly soak even more enjoyable, there are plenty of options. These can include lighting accessories, outdoor stereo systems and even projectors to play movies against the starry sky. However, for an instant boost of your senses to relax or energize yourself, nothing beats the use of aromatherapy to enhance your hot tub experience. Not familiar with what aromatherapy is? Aromatherapy has actually been used for thousands of years as an alternative medical practice. Not only does it affect your mood but can be used medicinally to help soothe pains as well. Read on for more information on the ways you can use aromatherapy to turn your hot tubs soaks into a personalized spa-like oasis.

What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is also known as essential oil therapy. It is a practice that uses essential oils extracted from plants to promote the physical as well as the psychological wellbeing of people. The oils are derived from a wide range of plants, herbs, flowers as well as trees and other medicinal plants. Aromatherapy is claimed to work through stimulation of the sense receptors found in the nose. The receptors then transmit a signal to the part of the human brain which controls emotions.

What Is Aromatherapy Used For?

Aromatherapy has been used by many people over the centuries as a way of treating ailments and in promoting relaxation. There are many benefits associated with it. The essential oils used for aromatherapy are known for their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Aromatherapy is not only used for its pleasant aromas but is also used medicinally to reduce depression, stress, anxiety, soothe pain as well as insomnia. The essential oils also have an analgesic effect. There are claims that aromatherapy can also treat such common ailments as asthma and the flu.

Popular Aromatherapy Scents

In the world today, various types of essential oils are available on the market. Different oils will produce different scents. If you are not sure which scents are available or which oils to use, the following are some of the most common:
  • Peppermint – This scent is known to assist in easing tension from the muscles. It is also known to stimulate memory as well as an energy booster.
  • Lavender – It is known for its calming effects. In the medical field, it can be used to soothe burns as well as joint pains.
  • Lemon – known for stimulating the mind and calming people’s emotions. It also has antifungal and antiseptic properties.
  • Geranium – is known for its effect in uplifting the mood. It helps a person to de-stress and relax.
  • Sandalwood – It aids in relaxation by calming the nerves.

Using Essential Oils In A Hot Tub

The first thing to check before using any essential oil in your hot tub is the compatibility of the oil with the hot tub components. Certain oils can cause build-up in your water filters and put stain on the pumps. Always consult your hot tub dealer for recommendations on what aromatherapy products are safe to use. Fortunately, in recent years more and more products that can be used in hot tubs have been introduced into the market, offering a wide selection. To learn more about the wellness benefits of hot tubs, download a hot tub buyer’s guide, or visit us at our hot tub store.
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