How Hot Does a Swim Spa Get

Are you in the market for a swim spa? Do you know what a swim spa is? Have you asked how hot does a swim spa get? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this article may be for you!

What Is A Swim Spa?

A simple answer for the uninitiated is that a swim spa is a middle ground between a lap pool and a hot tub. The size of a swim spa is only slightly bigger than a large hot tub, but its powerful currents allow one to swim in place as if they were riding an underwater treadmill. This means you can practice your stroke as long as you like without ever reaching the end of the pool or having to turn around. And because the tank is small enough it’s quite easy to turn up the heat and allow the water to reach the optimal hot tub temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. So as you can see, swim spas can be an ideal compromise for the urban dweller with little space, but with the desire to swim in the privacy of their own property.

How Do They Work?

The ability to swim in place is established by the generation of powerful currents. These currents can be produced by water jets or a paddlewheel system. The strength of the currents can be adjusted to match the strength of your stroke thereby allowing you to practice different swimming styles with varying intensities. Because the swimmer doesn’t move very far, the tank is relatively small compared to a regular lap pool. This allows it to be installed in locations without much extra space.

How Can Swim Spas Be Used?

Swim spas have more uses than simply swimming or soaking. They can also be used as an area to perform aquacise. This type of exercise is popular for people with mobility issues, arthritis, joint problems or complications with bones, nerves, and ligaments. The powerful water jets can be used to massage sore muscles and provide hydrotherapy for certain conditions. And turning down the temperature can give you a great place to cool down on hot days.

What To Look For In A Swim Spa

Deciding on a model of swim spa that works for you will depend on how you plan to use it. For those who are just looking for a place to get in a good swimming workout, a single tank model might be all you need. For those who have families with different interests, a dual tank model may be a better fit as it allows people to swim in cooler water and soak in warmer water at the same time. The price you want to pay and how much space you have for installation will also play a role in the type of mode that works best.

What About Energy Efficiency?

Once again, these issues really depend on how you plan on using your swim spa and how much you’re willing to spend. If you plan to use your swim spa in the winter months it would be in your best interest to spend more money upfront on a well-insulated system. This can drastically reduce your heating costs and save you money in the long run.

What About Maintenance?

Pressurized filtration systems will mean that you won’t need to empty and clean your tank as often as you would if you had a suction filtration unit. But once again you’ll spend more money upfront for this option. Suction filtration systems don’t work as efficiently which means you may spend more time vacuuming and cleaning your unit.

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