How Hot Tubs Can Help Relieve Nerve Pain and More

Although nerve pain is often very persistent, the jets and warm water of a hot tub work together to help provide lasting relief to many types of pain or discomfort. Whether it’s easing aches and pains or helping with injury, arthritis, or more, hot tubs were designed to improve one’s overall health. Here’s how a hot tub can help relieve various types of pain.

How Do Hot Tubs Help Relieve Pain?

Originally invented to help with Rheumatoid Arthritis, hot tubs today provide relief from all types of pain. Whether it’s caused by injury, inflammation or tension, hot tubs provide a great deal of pain relief for people worldwide. Combining jets and warm water, these spas take pressure off your bones and joints while also targeting specific areas with massage options. In many cases, hot tubs and spas are used for rehabilitation as they allow individuals to move freely through the water in a weightless manner. An incredibly low-impact alternative to walking or running on land or exercising with machines, hot tubs allow relief of various forms of pain. With Hydropool’s jet options, anyone can target the exact areas of concern they need help with the most. So, whether it’s nerve pain that’s stemming from issues in your upper or lower back, neck, etc., there are jets at all levels. When it comes to nerve pain in particular, for many, it can result from sciatica issues, but because there are jets at this level, you’re bound to receive some relief. And since nerve pain often comes from inflammation in the body, a hot tub can help significantly with this, primarily when used regularly.  The warm water of a hot tub promotes increased blood flow not only to one specific spot but to your entire body. However, the jets that target specific areas bring even more blood flow to the injured parts of your body and allow them to heal faster.  Hydropool’s Zone Therapy was created to target various areas of the body. Knowing that not everyone’s pain is in the same location or even of similar intensity, these customizable jet settings allow you to create a massage that works best for you.

How Zone Therapy Helps More People

Hydropool’s Zone Therapy was created to offer a range of custom massage options. Establishing a system that allows every individual to get the pain relief they need, zone therapy can help with back pain, stress, headaches and more. Below are the different zones of a Hydropool hot tub and what each one has to offer.  The first is the Core Zone which targets the shoulders and mid-back area. This is often where individuals carry their stress and can become inflamed as a result. With jets in this area, muscles can relax, which brings a better balance to your body entirely. If you are someone who regularly experiences headaches, they will likely subside as a result of using jets in this area.      The second zone, the Lower Body Zone, has jets that target the lower back, hips and thighs. This option can significantly help with mobility issues.       Zone 3, which is also referred to as the Upper Body Zone, relieves pressure and pain from the upper shoulder, back and base of the skull. As previously mentioned, this area can be impacted by stress or any strain you might have experienced. Jets within this area can ease that tension.      Last but certainly not least is the Reflexology Zone. Targeting pain felt around the feet or ankles, these jets are excellent for individuals who are constantly on their feet. Your feet are also the foundation for your whole body, so you might find that using this zone can help improve how you feel overall.  Regardless of which zone you choose to use most, Hydropool spas work wonders for relieving aches and even the most constant pain. Therefore, if you’ve been looking for ways to help with your nerve pain, we highly recommend considering one of the many spas that Hydropool has to offer.   Download our free buyer’s guide today to find the perfect hot tub to target even your most persistent pain.
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