How Many Years Does an Outdoor Hot Tub Last?

For those in the market for a new hot tub, a very legitimate question is “How many years does an outdoor hot tub last?” The fact is that you’ll be paying a significant chunk of change for a hot tub, so you don’t want to end up disappointed or surprised by its longevity or lack thereof. Hot tubs can last anywhere from five to 20 years. With a range of longevity that wide it becomes obvious that there are mitigating factors when it comes to durability and sturdiness. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can make sure that your hot tub lasts as long as possible.

Water Chemistry

Keeping your water chemistry properly balanced means that your hot tub experience will be healthy, safe and enjoyable. Imbalanced water can lead to problems for both you and your hot tub. Water that becomes too acidic or basic will not only affect your skin and eyes, but it will also affect the various components of your tub. Dirty water can compromise your health while clogging up the systems that allow your hot tub to function properly. Create a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule and stick with it. This will ensure clean, properly balanced water and a smooth running hot tub.

Motorized Components

The motorized components of your hot tub, namely the water pump and heater, are what differentiates a hot tub from a simple barrel of water. If you don’t have a heater creating warm water and a water pump powering water circulation and massaging jets, you don’t have a hot tub. Keeping these components well maintained and properly functioning is crucial to the hot tub experience. Follow the instructions given to you by the hot tub manufacturer on the best practices for keeping these pieces of equipment optimally functional. Your hot tub experience depends on it.

Hot Tub Cover

Beyond regularly testing your water chemistry, diligent use of a hot tub cover is your best bet for keeping your water clean and balanced. The cover will prevent precipitation, dirt, dust, insects and other organic debris from getting into the water and messing with its chemistry. Your filters won’t have to work as hard and you won’t have to flush them as often. Your hot tub cover will also play a massive role in retaining water heat and decreasing your dependence on your water heater. Hot tub covers also have their own maintenance regime and keeping it in good condition will increase the overall lifespan of the hot tub.

Hot Tub Cabinet

Many people believe that the hot tub cabinet is simply an outer layer meant to hide the unsightly inner workings of the hot tub. But that fact is that it plays an important role in protecting these components from the elements. Without the cabinet, your heater and pump would be fully exposed and at the mercy of the atmospheric conditions. Keeping your cabinet in good shape will protect the more sensitive parts of your hot tub.

Quality Components

When you’re in the market for a hot tub you’ll soon realize there’s a wide variety when it comes to the quality of the components. It only stands to reason that cheaper hot tubs are made more quickly with lower quality components. If you’re looking for your hot tub to last for years to come you should invest wisely and pay for the highest quality, you can afford. Failure to do so will likely lead to early failure of your hot tub.

Used Hot Tub Markets

The secondary market for hot tubs makes it possible to upgrade your hot tub after five to seven years and get a brand new one for a fraction of the cost. Think of it in the same way that people trade in their cars to ensure they don’t have to worry about breakdowns. If this option appeals to you, speak to your dealer to find out more about hot tub trade-ins and the secondary market.

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