How Much Water Does Your Hot Tub Hold?

Before buying a hot tub, a frequently asked question is how many gallons of water it will hold. Knowing this number is essential for various reasons, and figuring out how much water your hot tub has is determined by aspects like the model, size, shape, etc. Therefore, even if you purchase a 4-person hot tub and research how many gallons are typically in a hot tub of that size, yours might hold less or more than the average. But how do you find out how much water your hot tub can hold and why is it so important to know? When it comes to cleaning procedures and required chemicals, knowing the amount of water in your particular hot tub can help you in the long run. From maintaining sparkling water to ensuring the health and wellbeing of your hot tub year-round, finding this number is key. It can also help you determine what costs might be associated with owning that specific hot tub moving forward. The amount of water you use plays a part in the overall costs associated with the upkeep of your tub. Furthermore, knowing the contents of your water while administering chemicals is vital for maintaining stable and proper pH levels, which is essential for the lifespan of your hot tub.

The Size of Your Hot Tub:

The size, shape and additional features in your hot tub all play a role in how much water it can hold. On average, a two to three-person hot tub will have between 150 to 200 gallons. Therefore, when installing your hot tub, you need to consider 150 to 200 gallons worth of water as additional weight. On top of this, you will also need to establish specific cleaning procedures that are custom to the amount of water in your hot tub. This will ensure that the water remains at the appropriate pH levels, and everyone using the hot tub will have healthy water to relax in.  When looking at hot tubs made for four to six people, they will typically need about 300 to 450 gallons of water. For seven to eight-person tubs, 475 to 650 gallons are required to fill. 

Finding Out How Much Water Is In Your Hot Tub:

Although there are many different ways to calculate the water content of your hot tub, we suggest using a calculator and a tape measure to do so. With these two objects, you will measure the width of your hot tub, and of course, if your hot tub is round, then this number will be used for both length and width. However, if your hot tub is any other shape, you will need to find the length measurement to record. Your next step will be finding the depth of your tub. You will do this by measuring the shallowest and deepest sections of your hot tub. Then, divide these two numbers so you can find its average depth to use within your calculations. It’s recommended to write these numbers down decimal fractions like 9 1/2 feet would be written out as 9.5 feet. You will then take all of these numbers and calculate the volume by multiplying the width by length by depth. Then, you will need to multiply that answer by 7.5 because ether are 7.5 gallons in one cubic foot.  Therefore, the full equation you’re working with is Width x Length x Depth x 7.5 (W x L x D x 7.5). The results of this equation will give you the answer you need to determine how many gallons of water are required to fill your hot tub. Many different factors come into play regarding how many gallons of water will be in your specific hot tub. From the make and model to the shape or size, many aspects will play a role in the water content of your particular hot tub. Download our free hot tub buyer’s guide, or visit us at our London hot tub store and learn all about finding the best hot tub for your home.
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