How Often Do You Need to Drain an Indoor Swim Spa?

Of course, cleaning instructions for each specific spa will differ. However, on average, swim spas should be cleaned once every three to four months.

Some spas will have water that remains cleaner longer than others due to a variety of factors and influences. When it comes to the longevity of clean water, it is important to regularly check chemical levels and cover your spa when not in use. These are two very simple tasks that will ultimately go a long way.

The water quality of you swim spa can be affected by many other factors. These can include any creams, sprays and products individuals in your spa may be wearing. Even simple things, such as forgetting to clean your filtration systems or not running the pump for an extended period of time, can impact your water’s overall condition.

How Do Indoor Swim Spas Differ?

A key distinction between an indoor and outdoor swim spa is the location, which probably goes without saying. However, when it comes to the cleaning this is an important thing to note. You won’t have to worry about the weather or drastic temperature changes affecting your water with an indoor swim spa, which means less chance of frequent cleaning. Even though your spa is inside and safe from the elements, it is still recommended to use a cover to prevent any dirt or dust from getting in.

One of the biggest selling points of an indoor swim spa, is that you will be able to benefit from all of the hydrotherapeutic benefits and exercise of a spa, but from the comfort of inside your home. The main advantage of indoor swim spas is their ability to fit almost anywhere. Whether you want to place them in a corner of your room, basement or any other sufficient space, they can fit almost anywhere. Swim spas can be described as the “best of both worlds,” because they offer the same benefits of hot tubs and swimming pools.

How Often You Need To Change Your Water:

Even though the spa water may not look dirty, it is crucial to be vigilant about its pH levels by using testing strips. Hot temperatures will cause the water to evaporate faster than in a pool, which can lead to solids, chemicals and residue being left behind more easily. Swim spas also have a smaller amount of water, which means there is less room for it to circulate around.

This means creams, deodorants and other products can easily be stripped by heat but with less space to filter though. These extra products can lead to an imbalance in your water’s pH, so it is important that you monitor this. The pH balance of your water is very important to maintain for the sake of everyone’s safety and health.

How To Keep It Clean:

You can keep your water clean by testing it regularly. It’s quite easy for the levels of your water to alter without you being aware or physically being able to see said change. We recommend completely draining your spa and filling it with fresh water instead if it becomes cloudy or begins to smell. It is important to take time to clean every part of your spa before putting fresh water in, which includes cleaning your pump, jets, and filtration system.

Using A Spigot To Drain Your Spa:

The first thing you will need to do is turn off all power before beginning to drain your spa. Once you have located your drainage point, also referred to a Spigot, you can then drain your spa. If you’re using a hose to drain the spa, you will attach it to one end and run the other to your drain. After the water has completely drained from your spa, you can disconnect your hose.

Using A Submersible Pump To Drain Your Spa:

This process is similar to using a Spigot to drain, except that you will be using a submersible pump instead. The pump should be placed inside the spa and if the spa’s outflow pipe is not long enough for your drain, you can connect it to your hose.

The cleaning procedures will be similar to that of a Spigot, and once you are finished draining the water, you can clean out other sections of your spa like the pump, jets, and so on. This will be the perfect opportunity to also clean all filters and make sure your spa is functioning as it should.

Knowing how to maintain the cleanliness of your indoor swim spa is an important part of owning one! Learn more and download our free buyer’s guide today, or visit us at our London swim spa store.

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