How Often Should I Drain My Swim Spa?

Swim spa plumbing is a closed system. Once you fill the swim spa with water, that water is simply recirculated. The swim spa isn’t directly connected to your household water source, so the only way that freshwater is added is manually. Over time, the swim spa water will become increasingly dirty – even with the addition of chemicals. The only way to remedy the situation is to drain the swim spa and refill it with fresh water. This probably has you asking, “How often should I drain my swim spa?” In this article, we’ll go over the factors that determine when you should drain your swim spa and what you can do to keep the water clean and fresh for longer.

Testing Your Swim Spa Water

Regularly testing your swim spa water will indicate if it’s still safe to swim in. You should test the water at least once a week. If you’re using the swim spa more than usual or you have a higher number of swimmers than usual, you should consider testing the water more often. Water testing will tell you if you need to add chemicals to regulate the water chemistry. Over time, adding chemicals to the water becomes less effective. If you find yourself adding large quantities of chemicals without achieving the desired effect, it may be time to drain the swim spa and refill it with fresh water.

Maintaining Your Swim Spa Water Filters

Water filters play an important role in keeping the water clean and protecting the swim spa’s mechanical components from damage. Water filters should be regularly flushed with fresh water – at least every two to four weeks. The filters also require a deep cleaning every three or four months. Soaking them overnight in a water filter cleaner will dissolve oils and grease that tend to build up over time. Water filters should be replaced at least once a year or whenever they appear damaged or are showing signs of wear.

When to Drain Your Swim Spa

Regardless of how much or how little use your swim spa is getting, it should be drained, cleaned, and refilled at least once a year. Swim spas that are rarely run or see a lot of use by a lot of people may require draining and cleaning more often. You should also use your senses to let you know if the swim spa needs draining. Water that irritates the skin, leaves mineral deposits on the swim spa surfaces, consistently foams, smells bad, or appears off-colour can often benefit from being changed. If your calcium hardness levels appear too high, your only solution may be to drain the swim spa and start over again.

What to Know About Draining Your Swim Spa?

It’s important to pay attention when draining a swim spa. Swim spas can contain several thousand litres of water which is enough to cause severe damage if it ends up in the wrong place. Make sure the hose you’re using to drain the swim spa is properly connected and directed towards a spot that will be able to accommodate a full load of water. Ideally, it would be siphoned off directly into a storm sewer or drain. If you think your lawn can handle that amount of water, you may be able to drain it directly onto the ground. Just make sure you won’t affect neighbouring properties without permission. You also need to ensure the water stays away from the foundation of your house or any other structure. Draining a swim spa can quickly flood your basement or cause damage to a foundation. To learn more about swim spa maintenance, such as how often to drain a swim spa, download a free buyer’s guide for more information, or visit our swim spa store in London.
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