How to Decorate Around a Hot Tub

There’s no doubt, a hot tub is a beautiful thing! But left on its own, it may lack something in the decor department. However, with a little creativity and some decoration skills, you can convert your hot tub into a luxury oasis. Learn how to decorate around a hot tub with this list of tips.

Add Life

Your hot tub provides a representation of water. You can complement that with the addition of some living plants. Surrounding the hot tub with greenery is a perfect way to increase the feeling of nature and beauty. Using containers can allow you to rearrange the plants according to season or temporal preference. Containers can also play a supporting role in the overall aesthetic of the space. You can opt for more permanent installations by planting directly into the ground or using raised garden beds. Just be careful of the types of plants you choose and try to stay away from those that regularly shed leaves or other materials that can end up in the hot tub water.

Add Comfort

Having a place to sit and rest your book or drink when you’re not in the hot tub will increase the use of the space. Patio furniture such as chairs, tables, hammocks and other suitable pieces can make the space more inviting and convenient. Go for colours, patterns, shapes and textures that match the hot tub cabinet to create a coordinated look. Or use the hot tub cabinet style as a contrast to focus more attention on the water.

Add Food

Eating outdoors is one of the great pleasures of good weather. It can also add to the sophistication and charm of the area surrounding the hot tub. Food preparation facilities can vary from the very simple, such as a grill or pizza oven, to the intricate, such as a complete outdoor kitchen. Not only can the ability to create a meal around the hot tub make the space more appealing, but your choice of cooking facilities can also add to the overall aesthetic you’re attempting to achieve.

Add Drink

Swim-up bars were once the domain of luxury resort hotels. They’ve since been co-opted and brought back home to act as an addition to domestic aquatic entertainment. A swim-up bar around your hot tub doesn’t only have to be accessible to the bathers. If set up properly, it can include those out of the water as well. Having a place to set your drink while soaking in the hot tub or a bar to lean on while talking to those in the water offers the best of both worlds.

Add a Deck and Patio

Outdoor living is often tightly associated with decks and patios. They provide a clean, stable surface on which everything else rests. But aside from being purely functional, they can be highly decorative as well. Decks and patios can be built using a variety of materials with different colours, patterns and textures that add to the overall ambience of the space. At the same time, they can also provide reliable support for the hot tub and the rest of your furniture.

Add Lighting

Using your hot tub in the evenings can provide you with some of the most magical moments you’ll experience. But you don’t want to be doing it in the pitch dark or under a naked fluorescent light. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a welcoming environment with some well thought out lighting. Whether you string lights overhead or use underlighting to create an indirect, muted source, lighting can transform a space. There are also plenty of very effective solar powered options available on the market that can eliminate the need for having to rewire your backyard. Hopefully, this list will get you thinking about how to decorate around your hot tub. For more information, download a free buyer’s guide, or visit us at our London hot tub store.
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