How to Install an Inground Swim Spa

There are many reasons to opt for an inground swim spa. For some people, it’s about ease of access. Submerging most of the swim spa tank into the ground makes getting in and out easier. You no longer have to worry about climbing a four-foot wall to get to the water. For others, an in-ground swim spa simply looks better. With most of the swim spa tank being rendered invisible, the rest of the landscape is brought to the forefront. The most enticing feature of the swim spa – the water – becomes the focal point. Whatever your reason for choosing an inground installation, there are some things that should be kept in mind to make for a smooth operation. Here are some tips for how to install an inground swim spa.

The Importance of Planning

Taking stock of the entire installation process before the swim spa even leaves the showroom is an essential part of ensuring you have a stress-free build. There’s plenty that can go wrong if things haven’t been clearly thought through before the job begins. Make sure you give yourself enough time to understand each step of the project and give yourself time to book the various tradespeople to guarantee a smooth-running operation.

Deciding on a Site

You might think that where you put the swim spa is relatively inconsequential. But the fact is that there are some incorrect places to install a swim spa. For example, you don’t want the swim spa installed under any overhead power lines. Nor do you want to place your swim spa over top of existing plumbing or underground utility lines. You want to keep the swim spa away from trees that regularly lose leaves or shed pollen. Placing your swim spa too close to your neighbour’s house could lead to future complaints. You also need to be mindful of any local regulations regarding placement and safety issues associated with a swim spa installation. As you can see, there’s more to choosing a swim spa installation site than just personal preference. Make sure to think this step through.


By definition, an in-ground swim spa will require some excavation. You might need to hire some machinery and personnel to achieve this efficiently. If you do, plan ahead to make sure you’re able to work within their availability and scheduling. You’ll also need to make sure you can safely dig in your desired installation location. Look up the phone number to call to ensure you’re able to excavate without issue in your desired location. The last thing you need is to sever a gas line or the source of your water.


The swim spa needs to sit on a flat, level, and sturdy surface. Concrete pads, pavers, plastic hot tub pads, or a bed of gravel will need to be installed before the swim spa arrives. Give yourself enough time to allow any concrete to set before the arrival of the swim spa.

Receiving the Swim Spa

Depending on the layout of your property, the delivery of your swim spa by the dealership can be complicated by poor planning. The swim spa tank is quite large and may not easily fit through doors or small gates. Surveying the route from your driveway to the installation location is crucial. Look for overhead obstructions, sharp corners, and small openings. If you find that it may be difficult or impossible to fit the swim spa through to the installation site, you may have to hire a crane to lower the swim spa into place.

Powering the Swim Spa

Swim spas run on 220 volts whereas most household electrical outlets only provide 110 volts. You’ll need the services of an electrician to install the appropriate electrical outlet as well as connect the swim spa to it. With these considerations related to installing a swim spa in mind, download a free buyer’s guide if you need more information, or visit our swim spa store.
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