How to Maximize Savings When Owning a Swim Spa By Understanding the Costs

The price of a swim spa will depend on various things, such as where you live, what you’re looking for, and the make, model, etc., that you choose. Additionally, there’s the delivery, installation, and other costs to consider when bringing a new swim spa home. But not to worry, as below, we will provide you with the most important aspects to keep in mind when owning a swim spa long-term.

The Cost of Delivering and Installing a Swim Spa

The cost of delivery for a swim spa will vary.

Many different things will influence how much you might spend on delivery, including the size of your spa and where you live. The accessibility to your yard is another factor that comes into play. These things will also determine whether or not a crane will be required or if your swim spa can be delivered via truck. The differences in these two things will determine how much you need to spend on delivery. For example, a crane delivery will be more expensive, likely by a few hundred dollars at least; however, both are still great options. For specifics about how much this might cost you, reaching out to professionals in your area is your best bet, as this will differ from location to location. Additionally, when it comes down to it, the cost of delivery is also a one-time expense, so it won’t be something you’ll constantly need to worry about.

The next one-time expense will be the cost of installation.

This price will depend on many different factors and, ultimately, your specific preferences. For many, the process of installing a swim spa will also be an excellent opportunity to bring a backyard vision to life. Therefore, whether you’d like to add a deck, some stonework, lighting, etc., will all depend on what you’re hoping to achieve. However, this is not a cost that will apply to every new swim spa owner, which is why it isn’t necessarily something to worry about, especially if it’s not within your budget to do something like this. There is one thing that is necessary for every swim spa installation, and that is the structural support needed to hold your spa. For many, this will be having a concrete slab installed before the swim spa to ensure that it has a levelled and sturdy base to rest upon for many years to come. Typically, concrete slabs cost between 7 to 14 dollars per square foot with labour and materials. This also depends on where you live, so it’s best to call around and see what professionals in your area have to say.

Ongoing Costs of Swim Spas


Although it certainly won’t be a large amount of money each month, the cost of chemicals is still an ongoing one worth noting. To keep your swim spa in the healthiest state, you will need to keep up with adding chemicals when needed, and this will generally cost between 15 to 40 dollars monthly. Many factors influence this range. For example, the size of your swim spa is a big one. Another is how often you check your water and how frequently you put the cover on when it’s not in use. Ensuring you’re keeping on top of routine cleaning and maintenance will allow you to spend less in the long term. This is also likely to prevent unnecessary damage from occurring to the running parts of your spa, as frequent imbalances within the water can cause issues. However, by routinely checking your swim spa’s chemistry levels, you can be on top of any maintenance that will need to be done, saving you more money in the long run.


It’s important to keep your swim spa running as frequently as possible. However, you might be worried about how this will affect your electrical bill. This truly depends on the type of swim spa you choose, and if you opt for a Hydropool swim spa, then the electrical costs won’t be much of a concern. Because of their eco-conscious designs and top-notch insulation, these swim spas can run at 100 degrees for only pennies a day. Therefore, you can enjoy your swim spa for countless hours without worrying about your electrical bill significantly rising. Many features make a Hydropool swim spa stand out and endless benefits come with owning one. If you’d like to learn more, you can contact a dealer near you. When adding a swim spa to your home, there are a few costs to keep in mind, both short-term and long-term. From the price of delivery and installation to the chemicals and electricity needed to run it thereafter, above, we’ve provided you with what you need to know. To learn more about choosing the best swim spa for you and your home, download our free buyer’s guide.
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