Is Insulation Important in a Hot Tub?

The whole reason someone wants to buy a hot tub is to be able to relax and enjoy its wonderful therapeutic benefits, not be stuck with a costly utility bill. When you choose an energy efficient, well insulated hot tub, it costs under $1.50 per day to operate – less than a cup of coffee. Below, we will explain the three main reasons why insulation is important in a hot tub and how Hydropool’s insulation technology has evolved. The three top reasons why choosing a well insulated hot tub will help save you money and increase your enjoyment are:

Energy Efficiency

When you purchase a hot tub with quality insulation, your energy costs are lower because the hot tub is designed to trap and reuse heat from its motor and pipes. Hydropool models also come with a thick, tapered cover that is designed to retain maximum heat and this works so well that on warm summer days, you will not even need to heat the unit at all. For the best energy efficient models on the market, choose one that is certified by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation.


Buying a hot tub is a large investment and you want to make sure that your hot tub is performing as designed. Choosing a model with good insulation features ensures that your hot tub is functioning optimally and is maintaining the proper temperature.

Temperature Maintenance

A well insulated hot tub will ensure that the water is always at your preferred temperature and ready to enjoy. Energy efficient models quickly heat and reuse waste heat to maintain a consistent temperature. The better the insulation, the less expensive it is to run your hot tub and the easier it is to enjoy.

Hydropool Insulation History

Heat can escape from a hot tub from the water surface, floor cabinets and pipes. In early Hydropool models, foam insulation was used, which was effective for holding heat but was not able to reuse internal waste heat. This type of insulation also made it difficult to repair or service the hot tub – a technician would have to dig into the plumbing to be able to inspect and diagnose the unit. The next advancement was designing a perimeter insulation system situated throughout the walls of the hot tub and that also retained waste heat. Perimeter insulation was a significant improvement over foam insulation, however, lack of air flow could cause the hot tub’s cabinet to overheat. Today, Hydropool models are equipped with insulation that is based on NASA’s heat-locking technology. It utilizes what is called Triple Thermal Shield Technology which traps and redirects heat back into the hot tub to be reused, costing less than having to produce new heat. In addition, the hot tubs have thick, durable covers that also retain heat and thermal vents that prevent overheating to provide the most advanced insulation technology with maximum energy efficiency. Now that you are aware of just why hot tub insulation is so important, you can start looking at the many energy efficient models that we have available. To get started, download our hot tub buyer’s guide here, or visit us at our hot tub store.
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