Invest in Your Backyard vs Traveling This Summer

With airlines being grounded, quarantine periods being enforced on travellers and countries shutting their borders, it looks like our summer vacations will be a wash this year. But with every cloud comes a silver lining. And the silver lining that comes from a cancelled vacation is the money that can now be invested elsewhere. One way you can re-channel your vacation fund is to invest in your backyard vs travelling this summer. In this article, we’ll go over some ideas of what you can do to your backyard to not only to make it a more pleasant place for you and your family but also to make a return on your investment.

Backyard Fire Pits

This is a simple addition that will make your backyard more attractive and usable – especially on chilly evenings. Fire pits come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, so getting something that matches your house and garden decor is the best idea. The ROI on gas burner fire pits can be more than 50%. Add that to all the pleasant nights you’ll spend in your backyard and it’s a win-win situation all around.

Patio or Deck

Patios and decks not only increase the amount of usable space in your backyard, they’re an attractive addition to your home. Wooden decks or patios composed of interlocking pavers are a major selling point and will increase the value of your home. If you plan on selling, you’ll be close to recouping the entire cost of materials and labour. And in the meantime, you’ll have a great space to enjoy the weather.

Outdoor Kitchen

Most people have a barbecue or grill of some sort, but if you’re really looking to invest in your home, you’ll want to install something more permanent. Outdoor kitchens are more popular than ever. And once you start using one, you’ll find it hard to ever give it up. No longer will you have to run in and out of your house every time you need to wash your hands or grab another ingredient. You could add $10,000 to your home’s selling price with a basic outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Lighting

Not only will outdoor lighting make your backyard more attractive in the evenings, it’ll add safety. Thieves are less likely to target houses that are well lit. If you’re looking for safety alone, motion sensor lighting will illuminate intruders while also allowing you to get around your property more easily at night.


As today’s houses get bigger, the space in your backyard becomes much more overlooked. Without some sort of privacy, you’ll be less likely to recreationally use your property. There are many different ways to increase the privacy of your yard and they’ll each have their own specific ROI. Tree maintenance will often pay for itself by adding to the value of your home. Permanent coverings such as a pergola can create shade while also sheltering you from prying eyes.

Outdoor Hot Tub

One of the business models that have been found to be booming during the early days of the pandemic is the online sales of hot tubs. It only stands to reason that if people are expected to stay at home, they might as well invest money that would be spent elsewhere on something that allows them to get more use out of their backyard. As most of these hot tubs sold would be portable, if you got so attached to using it on a regular basis, you could simply take it along with you when it was time to move.

To find out more about investing in your backyard with a hot tub, download a hot tub buyer’s guide below, or visit us at our hot tub store.

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