Is Cloudy Hot Tub Water Safe?

At some point in time, almost every hot tub owner has been faced with hot tub water that appears cloudy. Whether it has just been overdue for a cleaning or you recently had a crowded hot tub party, if it is your first-time dealing with cloudy hot tub water, you may be wondering if cloudy hot tub water is safe? The answer is no, cloudy hot tub water needs to be addressed immediately to ensure a sanitary hot tub experience. To find out what causes cloudy hot tub water and what steps you need to take to correct it, keep reading below.

What is Cloudy Hot Tub Water

Typically, cloudy hot tub water is the result of either bacterial growth or a chemical imbalance. There are a number of factors which can cause or contribute to causing cloudy water and a couple of ways you can eliminate it.

Causes of Cloudy Hot Tub Water

There are five common culprits that contribute to causing cloudy water, including:

People: While it may seem unpleasant, bathers are often the common cause of cloudy water. Because people use plenty of oils, lotions, sunscreens, perfumes and more, these will transfer into the water along with hair and dead skin cells.

Bacteria: If not cleaned regularly, hot tubs provide the perfect environment for bacteria, such as biofilm to thrive. Biofilm is a slimy substance that forms along with other microorganisms that love the moisture that will cause the water to appear cloudy.

Air Contaminants: Another contributing factor to cloudy water is air contaminants. Pollen, algae, and seeds that are frequently in the air, can fall into a hot tub that isn’t covered. Eventually, air contaminants particles build up and can cause cloudy water.

Filter Issues: If your hot tub filter isn’t properly installed or hasn’t been properly cleaned, it could be a contributing factor. If not working as designed, the water in your hot tub is not being filtered as much as it is required and cannot stay clean.

Water Chemistry: Hot tub water needs a special mix of chemicals to stay clean and sanitary. pH levels should be regularly checked and indicate if the water is too acidic or alkaline. Ideally, your hot tub water should be around 7.8 percent. If the water is too alkaline, it typically means that scale has formed (caused by calcium and minerals) and cloudy water can form.

How to Get Rid of Cloudy Water

Once you find that your hot tub water is cloudy, the first thing you should do is check the water with test strips, to determine the pH level. If it is relatively normal, you can try to shock the water to correct the issue. If this not does resolve the problem, or if you are continually shocking the water, you will need to drain, clean and refill the tub.

Keeping Water Clean

Keeping your hot tub water clean is the first line of defense against cloudy water forming. Make sure that you always follow the cleaning schedule that your hot tub dealer recommends. Check your water with test strips regularly and do a full cleaning of draining, scrubbing and refilling your hot tub every two or three months. Also, using a hot tub cover when your spa is not in use, using the right amount of chemicals and regularly cleaning your filters will help keep your water clean and sanitary.

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