Is Your Hot Tub or Swim Spa Ready for Fall?

Once you see the first signs of fall, it’s time to start transitioning your hot tub or swim spa for the cooler months ahead. Below, we’ll share the steps you need to take to ensure your backyard oasis is ready for a cozy season of relaxation and enjoyment. Here’s what you should know!

How Fall Can Make Your Hot Tub or Spa Experience Special

Taking a dip in a hot tub or working up a sweat in a swim spa can be a wonderful way to embrace fall fully. As the air turns crisp and the leaves begin to change colours, the warm water allows you to enjoy a lovely contrast and a comforting escape. The rising steam even adds to the ambiance, making the experience even more special. Imagine coming home after a day of apple picking or hiking through colourful forests, then sinking into the soothing warm water. All the while, you’ll feel the cool breeze on your face and hear the sound of rustling leaves. This connection with nature is what makes the spa experience unique during this time of the year. To learn more about how to enjoy your hot tub or swim spa, depending on the season, your local spa dealer can also share some great insights.

Fall Preparation Checklist for Your Hot Tub or Swim Spa

If you want to make the most of your hot tub or swim spa during the fall, doing a few maintenance tasks is important to get it ready. This is because even though hot tubs or swim spas are designed for year-round use, fall does bring some challenges. As the weather gets cooler, your hot tub or swim spa can lose heat faster. This means your heater might use more energy as it works harder than it should. Plus, falling leaves can clog filters and disrupt the water’s balance. By taking steps to prepare your hot tub or swim spa, you can avoid potential problems and enjoy a cozy and trouble-free experience all through the season. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to do:

1. Refill Your Spa with Clean Water

Give your hot tub or swim spa a fresh start for fall. Empty the water and clean the inside using a gentle solution and a soft cloth. After cleaning, make sure to rinse thoroughly before filling your hot tub or swim spa with clean water.

2. Adjust the Water Chemistry

When fall comes, more leaves and similar debris can find their way into your hot tub or swim spa. This can cause a chemical imbalance. Check the pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels using testing strips or a testing kit to find out if everything is within the ideal range. If not, use the right chemicals to bring back balance.

3. Clean the Filters and Replace If Needed

The filters in your hot tub or swim spa help keep the water clean by trapping dirt and particles. To get them ready for fall, make sure to give them a thorough cleaning. If the filters still don’t work properly after that, it’s best to get new ones.

4. Make Sure the Cover is in Good Shape

A high-quality cover does a lot for your hot tub or swim spa. It protects the water from dirt and debris, helps maintain temperature, and prevents energy waste. Keeping the cover clean and in good condition ensures that your hot tub or swim spa is ready for fall.

5. Be Ready for Falling Leaves

Trim any overhanging branches that could drop leaves or debris into your hot tub or swim spa. This way, you won’t need to clean as often. It’s also a good idea to have a skimming net nearby so you can quickly scoop up leaves and debris that might fall into the water.

6. Set and Maintain the Ideal Temperature

As it gets chilly outside, it’s a good idea to turn up the temperature in your hot tub or swim spa. Somewhere between the high 90s and low 100s can make the water nice and soothing. Once you decide on the perfect setting, try to maintain it throughout the season. Not having to adjust the heat constantly can help save energy.

When you follow these simple steps, you’ll be all set to welcome fall in your backyard oasis. With a little care and attention, you can ensure that your hot tub or swim spa remains a delightful retreat throughout the season. Download our free buyer’s guide to learn more about choosing the best hot tub or swim spa that you can enjoy all year round!

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