Pro Tips For Landscaping Around a Hot Tub or Swim Spa This Season

When adding a hot tub or swim spa to your backyard, the options for landscaping around it are endless. You can go with a simple design that complements your home and existing landscaping or get creative with rocks, plants, and other features. Below, we will provide some pro tips on landscaping around a hot tub or swim spa.

Top Tips for Backyard Landscaping Made Easy

1. Find the Most Optimal Placement – Knowing where to place your new hot tub or swim spa in your backyard is important. Deciding between location options will require both practicality and common sense. You will need to consider the total size of your backyard to strategically place it in a way that opens up space for other activities. Given a swim spa or a hot tub’s size, weight, and need for level foundation, it will require a strong solid base. Lastly, the accessibility of your hot tub and swim spa is key to it being part of your routine.

2. Plan With Privacy In Mind – To enjoy your hot tub or swim spa without worrying about your privacy, it’s best to plan strategically. While fences and walls are the go-to installations, depending on the design you have in mind, there are many other options available to ensure your privacy. Columnar evergreens and sheared privet hedges can provide a separator for yards. Container gardens and layered plantings can also provide cover. Fountains can also create a serene sound, which is an excellent alternative to hearing noise from next-door neighbours.

3. Steer Clear of Dangerous Plants – One of the most important things to keep in mind when landscaping around a hot tub or swim spa is safety. Make sure any plantings you choose aren’t poisonous and wouldn’t cause allergic reactions to your family members. It’s a good idea to keep away from plants that have thorns and barbs to avoid injuries.

4. Get Some Knowledge on Tree Growth – Trees are a great option for landscaping around your hot tub or swim spa. However, it’s best to be careful not to choose trees that will cause problems down the line. For example, if you have a large tree nearby, ensure the roots won’t damage your hot tub or swim spa. This may require some research since different trees have different root growth patterns. Make sure to familiarize yourself with their growth rate and sizes, so you don’t face future problems due to a lack of space. Allocating enough distance between the trees and your hot tub or swim spa will allow ample area for the trees to grow.

5. Think About Future Considerations – It’s always wise to research what your plants will look like in several years to ensure they can keep up with the aesthetic you aim for even as they grow older. You also wouldn’t want anything to interfere with your hot tub or swim spa’s structure. If you would like some help deciding on the best ways to approach landscaping for your specific swim spas make or model, you can reach out to your local spa dealer.

By considering your privacy, safety, and future needs, you can easily find the perfect plants and landscaping designs to bring your backyard dreams to life. With these tips in mind, you can create a beautiful and safe backyard oasis for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

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