Making Your Backyard Your Private Resort

Whether it’s due to social restrictions or your own personal preference, making your backyard your private resort can be a luxury dream in the making. Just imagine, instead of having to find the resort, pay the money and wait for some far off future date, you can simply open your back door and arrive in an opulent setting that meets every single one of your personal needs. And you can do this as often and repeatedly as your fancy decides. We can demonstrate that treating yourself to resort-style luxury doesn’t necessarily mean having to leave your home at all. Here are all the elements that allow you to perfectly pamper yourself in your own backyard.

The Massage

What kind of spa experience doesn’t include massage? Not one that we’d gladly pay for! And with today’s hot tubs, there’s no need for a trained attendant to give you a professional massage. Hot tub technology has come a long way since the 1970s. If you haven’t been in one of the modern models, you’ll be very surprised by what today’s hot tubs are capable of. Zone seating creates a massage circuit for you to cycle through while having every part of your body manipulated by powerful water jets.

A Multitude of Uses 

As with day spas, hot tubs aren’t just meant for relaxation. And although peace and quiet, solitude and contemplation are commonly sought after qualities when spending time in a hot tub, the warm soothing waters can provide many other benefits as well. For the athlete, a hot tub can act as a forum for a pre-exercise warm up, a post-exercise cool down, a venue for the workout itself as well as a component of a therapeutic rehabilitation program. Hot tubs are also bona fide social centres that bring together family and friends in a way that very few other scenarios can. Just like your favourite resort or day spa, your personal backyard resort can be many things to many people.

Location, Location, Location

When your hot tub is located directly outside your backdoor, you can wind down, power up or soothe your way to bliss anytime you feel like it. There’s no need to schedule appointments, take time off work or save up enough money for luxury treatment when you’re the owner of your own private resort. Add in the extras like an entertainment system, lounging area and outdoor kitchen and you’ll never feel the need to book a session at your local spa or vacation resort ever again.

Swimming in Place

A big part of any vacation resort is the swimming pool. But if you don’t have the space available to install a full sized swimming pool in your backyard a swim spa can provide you with the facilities to allow you to swim to your heart’s content. At 10 to 20 feet in length swim spas can contain as little as a tenth of the volume of water found in a swimming pool. Powered by a forceful water pump, the swim spa creates a strong current which keeps the swimmer in place similar to what a treadmill does for a jogger. It’s from here that the common name, “endless pool” comes from. And because of the swim spa’s size, it’s possible to keep them heated and running throughout the winter. Turn the water temperature up to the maximum and you have yourself a rather large hot tub.

Putting It All Together

When it comes to putting all the pieces together, you don’t need to feel like you’re on your own. There are many different professionals who are able to come to your aid to ensure your finished product matches what you envision in your mind’s eye. From the planning and design to the implementation of the technical details, there’s a team available to meet your needs.

Now that you know how to transform your backyard into your private resort, download a swim spa buyer’s guide below to learn more, or visit us at our swim spa store.

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