How Much Electricity Does a Hot Tub Use

Installing a hot tub at your house is an amazing investment in your health and mental wellbeing. The warm water relaxes sore muscles and lets your mind unwind. But many people have questions about how much electricity the hot tub will use and what their electrical bill will look like after installation. Check out the article below to learn how much electricity a hot tub should use and tips on how to reduce your hot tub’s energy consumption.

Heating the Tub

The main electrical cost comes from heating the water in your hot tub. However, that cost can vary based on how large your hot tub is (bigger tub = more water), if your tub is energy efficient, the unit price for electricity in your area, and how frequently you use your tub. You can usually expect to pay about $1 per day for an energy efficient, quality tub. Do be wary of low-cost models. While the upfront investment is lower, you’ll end up paying more in energy than if you invest in a quality tub.

Ways to Save

If your hot tub runs 24/7, your electrical costs will be higher. To save money, you can do a few things:

Circuit Timer

Look for models that have circuit timers which program your heating element to turn on during peak hours and turn off when not in use. If your tub doesn’t have a programmable time, you can manually turn the temperature up and down to save money.

Hard Cover

The bad news about water is it cools off quickly. You can save money by trapping heat in your tub with a heat shield hard cover for your hot tub. The cover should be durable, lockable, and well-made. Look for ones that have a tapered design and thick insulation.

Self-Cleaning Models

Keeping a clean tub is another easy way to keep your electrical costs down. That’s because a clean tub won’t cause so much wear and tear on crucial elements that use electricity. Buying a self-cleaning model like Hydropool ensures you have a consistently clean tub.

Efficient Tub Pumps

Purchasing a hot tub with an efficient water pump can reduce your energy consumption by 25%. You should look for pumps with the highest flow rate and lowest energy output.

Choosing the Right Model

The easiest way to save money on electricity is to choose the right hot tub model. Hydropool produces energy efficient hot tubs that have self-cleaning features and top of the line parts. You’ll be able to enjoy your hot tub year round without worrying about excessive energy costs. To find out more about how a hot tub can fit into your lifestyle, download our buyer’s guide, or visit us at our hot tub store.
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