What Is the Optimum Time to Spend in Your Hot Tub?

Soaking in a hot tub is one of life’s finer luxuries. You feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a good long soak. But is there a “perfect” amount of time to soak in a hot tub to maximize the benefits? Or is there a time limit you shouldn’t surpass? These are viable questions that every hot tub owner has had at some point. Knowing the optimal time to soak in the tub and where your time threshold is can maximize your enjoyment of your hot tub and keep you save. In this article, we’ll go over the different factors which help determine how long you can soak in a hot tub. Time Factors There isn’t a hard and fast rule for how long you can spend in your hot tub. Because of that, you need to take a few factors into consideration to know the proper amount of time you can spend in your hot tub each session. Temperature Temperature is probably the most important factor to consider when you’re trying to figure out how long you can soak. Some hot tub owners prefer to keep their tubs at a cooler 98°F while others want to max out at 104°F. Most manufacturers recommend that you heat your hot tub to about 100°-102°F. If your tub errs on the hotter side of the temperature spectrum, you should not soak for as long as if you kept your tub closer to 98°. If you enjoy soaking for longer periods of time, reduce your tub’s temperature a few degrees.


How high the water comes up to on your body can also dictate how long you can stay in. If your body is covered all the way up to your neck, you should not stay in the hot tub for as long. This is because your body will have a hard time regulating its temperature if none of it’s exposed to the air. To soak longer, sit in such a way that you’re only covered up to your chest.

External Environment

How hot or cold it is outside can also impact your soaking time. On really hot days, your body will overheat quickly and have a harder time cooling off. On very cold days, exposing your wet skin to the air can cause your body to cool down too quickly and can make you dizzy. Listen to your body in these cases to know when to safely get out of the tub.

Your Health

Certain health conditions can also dictate how long you can soak in a hot tub if at all. Most health professionals recommend if you are pregnant or have certain heart conditions that you should not soak in a hot tub at all. Check with your doctor to see if short soaks would be safe based on your situation.

What to Avoid

We’ve talked about how different factors increase or decrease the dangers of being in a hot tub for too long, but what are those dangers exactly?


Overheating is one of the most common dangers of over soaking. Your body cannot properly regulate its internal temperature when you soak for too long in a tub. Overheating can lead to hypothermia symptoms or fainting if it’s cold outside. Overheating can also lead to nausea or vomiting.


If you stay in the hot tub for too long, you can start to feel light-headed or dizzy when you get out. That feeling of dizziness usually passes quickly but can be dangerous in situations where someone loses their balance and falls.


Many people don’t associate hot tubs with sunburns. If your hot tub is exposed to direct sunlight, you should put on sunscreen to prevent skin burns.

How Long Can I Safely Soak?

Most people say between 15 and 30 minutes is a safe time range for a hot tub. A longer soak every now and again won’t harm you, but do remember to consider the factors above and listen to your body. If in doubt, get out of the tub. Hot tubs are a great investment for your health but they need to be used safely. For more information about the benefits of soaking in a hot tub, download our buyer’s guide, or visit us at our hot tub store.
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