Swim spa or pool? The answer is becoming more obvious

Swim Spas are rapidly growing in popularity in our area, for good reason. They have been extremely popular for many years in high density population areas like Toronto/Mississauga, due to the smaller yards, typical in new subdivisions. As London shifts more towards high density suburbia, the choices for pool installations become slim. For years, when a customer was looking at purchasing a swim spa, they would be weighing the option of a pool. An inground pool is going to run a minimum of $40k +, if you opt for a 4’ -5‘ deep unit, now you are not much bigger than a swim spa, but with all the maintenance of a pool. Swim spas start (fully installed) around $18k and up. Diving? Try to buy a diving board for your pool, almost impossible as they have become regulation nightmares, unless you install a 55’ pool with a 10’ deep end (at $70k+ when the dust settles). Don’t kid yourself, the price you get when you are looking at an inground pool from the dealer is not the final price. Landscaping, electrical, pool house….all extra, and could cost an additional $20k or more. Shallow ends are very small in diving pools. More regulations than you can imagine…and so on. Now, if you are still comfortable with the purchase of an inground pool, do yourself a favour. Cost in all of the pieces before you give your deposit, and don’t cheap out. If you are going to do the pool, do it right.

A few key points on why more and more people are leaning towards a swim spa

Season Length – Not even close. The pool season, even with heaters, are at the very most 5 months. A swim spa is year round. No contest. Enjoyment – A pool is great if you can dive, and a lot of fun for pool parties with lots of people hanging out and having a few beverages. Other than the diving, you can do all the partying you want in a swim spa (year round). Imagine the new year’s party you could have. Swimming – In a traditional pool, you can get from one end to the other in about 6 strokes. (round above ground, almost useless) A swim spa works like a treadmill for swimming. No contest. Fitness – nothing to exciting in a traditional pool, there are many companies that do fitness programs for pools, but geared more towards seniors and disabled. A swim spa has resistance from the swim jets that lets you do dozens of high intensity fitness routines and real exercises. Safety – There are hundreds of deaths from pools every year in North America, highly regulated safety requirements. (even a recent pool owner compliance blitz) Swim spas are equipped with locking hard covers that make it difficult for anyone to accidentally fall in, as inebriated as someone can be, the hardcover can handle anyones body weight. It is also a great way to safely teach children how to swim as it is only 8ft wide. Plus, Plus, Plus……. A swim spa is the clear answer! Check out our swim spa selection today.

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