Swim Spas in London Ontario

London and surrounding area’s largest swim spa dealer.


*NEW* Dual Temp Swim spa/Hot tub. 19′ A fully functional 220v 4 person hot tub + 14′ Aquatrainer. All season, all purpose. iX (independent) – 14′ swim tank system, this unit has no seating. It is designed specifically for training. fX (family) – at a whopping 19′, this is the largest single piece swim spa in the world. This unit is equipped with 6 seats, waterfalls, lights and much more. Designs for entertaining the whole family. Equipped with the swim system as well. (View the fX) Aquatrainer (traditional) – Two models to choose from (17′ & 14′) the aquatrainer is the original swim spa manufactured by Hydropool. Fitted with the the best of both swim action and family fun, the Aquatrainer is still the most popular unit on the market. AquaSport – Identical to the aquatrainer without the swim jets. Still equipped with the spa jets, and a small jet where a light swim can be done.


The Hydropool swim spa line up is the most versatile and customizable line of swim spas on the market. The Aquatrainer has variable resistant, adjustable current stream, and the thigh/abductor jets for lower body massage. Resistance exercises and two multi-hydrotherapy massage seats. The AquaTrainer is a pool, hot tub and aquatic gym all-in-one. This swim spa is a fiberglass reinforced acrylic one-piece mini-pool that allows you to swim, jog, exercise or play. It needs less space, costs less money and requires less maintenance than a conventional pool. Adjust the current from a gentle front crawl to a 1:02 hundred-metre swim pace a challenge for even a competitive swimmer.


  • Indoor > bubble cover
  • Outdoor > insulated hardcover
  • In ground > available without a cabinet and a backfillable frame
  • Above ground > Select from 3 colors of synthetic cabinets or cedar

Available on all units

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